© Benoit Rousseau_FIJM - Festival International de Jazz de Montréal

No matter the season, time or weather, we Montrealers flock to festivals like moths to a flame.

Perhaps it’s because we inherently know how to do it right. Or perhaps it’s because we love the casual, multi-cultural scene that typifies a Montréal festival.

Relaxed, safe and convivial, it’s just a plain old good time where masses of people of all backgrounds and origins come together to create, experience and share Montréal’s truly unique festival vibe. Sure, the downtown core may be closed off to traffic and flooded with people—it’s just proof of how serious we Montrealers are about having fun.

We play host to numerous events all year long, ranging from music to comedy to art to film to sports to fashion. Major events include the International Jazz Festival, the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival and the FrancoFolies, to name but a few festival attractions.

Other equally popular summer crowd-pleasers include the elite Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada and the explosive International des Feux Loto-Québec, a fireworks competition that lights up the Montréal night skies all summer long.

Our festival fervour continues through the winter with the MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE festival, a celebration of gastronomy, arts and music that warms the soul in chilly temperatures.

So plunk me down in the middle of the crowd—the more, the merrier—and let’s celebrate, meet, chat, laugh, dance, sing, eat, drink and share. Take advantage of our Sweet Deal on a short getaway and enjoy life to the fullest. All year round.