At a Glance

© Tourisme Montréal, Stéphan Poulin - Old Port of Montréal

French and English. European and North American. Old and modern. High tech and haute cuisinejust a few examples of theMontréal’s dual nature.

Montréal is mainly French, with most people being at least bilingual. The second-largest French-speaking city after Paris, its 3.7 million citizens represent 120 distinct cultural groups. Montréal has that European look and feel, but to the delight of other North Americans, is closer to home.

It has centuries-old architecture, and new, innovative and sometimes whimsical living and working spaces. UNESCO agrees: in 2006 it named Montréal City of Design.

It’s a port city that’s also an aerospace centre. A town where musical instruments are hand made while the high tech industries of life sciences, communication technologies and IT are booming.

It’s a city of artists, responsible for countless trendsetting galleries and boutiques, some of the most exciting nightlife in the world, and putting on one major international festival after the other all year long.
Speaking of artists, Montréal has five of the 10 most creative neighbourhoods in the country. But don’t take our word for it – introduce your clients to one of our lively, culturally diverse quartiers. Plus our safe and compact downtown is a walker’s paradise, whether above ground or below through its 32 km (20 miles) of underground shops.

Then let them pounce on our cuisine. Ooh-là- là! Great food everywhere, from our famous smoked meat to the best in French cuisine. Bon appétit!