First Peoples' Festival


June11, 2014 Celebrating indigenous cultures from across the Americas, the 24th edition of the First Peoples’ Festival will take place in and around Montreal from July 29 to August 5, 2014. It’s an opportunity not only to experience the richness of imagination expressed by so many Native cultures, but also to hear the voices and learn the stories of diverse First Nations groups from across North America and beyond.

A point of convergence for numerous aboriginal groups, the First Peoples’ Festival features a wide array of music, art, cinema, poetry, and cuisine by indigenous peoples. Taking place at the Place des Festivals (as well as other locations), the event also includes a number of interactive activities. With a great teepee, mythical animals, traditional dances and drums, the Place des Festivals immerses visitors in authentic and enchanting world.

These eight summer days are a feast for the senses and a unique chance to reconnect with the strength, dignity and pride of millennial cultures.