Sweet Summer Evenings at the Botanical Garden


July 31, 2013 — At sunset, the Botanical Garden takes on a whole new persona; the hot haze of the day at its end gives way to a sweet summer’s eve and envelops it in a magical amber glow. It’s an exquisite time to explore, admire and enjoy.

Mosaicultures Internationales provides a wonderful excuse to steal away for a stroll – and sunset is an ideal time. Some fifty majestic works of botanical art created by horticulturalists from 25 different countries are showcased along a winding 2.2-km circuit. Plan for a good two hours to really take it all in, plus a bit more to enjoy refreshments and live music afterwards.

Music, tapas and cocktails in a beautiful garden at dusk…what better way to finish your tour? “4-8, Cocktail Time at the Garden” graces the Botanical Garden’s restaurant terrace on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays all summer long. The musical agenda is varied, ranging from traditional French chansons to Gypsy Jazz to Celtic music to sounds from around the world, including Brazil, East Africa and the Middle East. 

From there, why not hop on the shuttle to the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium for some high-tech star gazing? Two spectacular presentations will take you to the stars and beyond: Continuum carries you through the splendours of space, while De la Terre aux étoiles catapults you light years away from Earth into the deepest reaches of outer space!

In the evening as during the day, you’ll undoubtedly agree that Montréal’s Space For Life is absolutely breathtaking!