Tango in the Night


Montréal may be a long way from Argentina, but we share a passion for romance and a flair for the dramatic that definitely make us spiritual neighbours. Maybe that’s why this city has become North America’s tango capital, with fancy footwork enthusiasts taking to dance halls and public parks on warm summer nights to engage in their seductive steps. From Verdun to Outremont to Little Italy, when the sun sets and the stars come out, a young—or young-at-heart—couple’s fancy turns to thoughts of moonlight twists, twirls and dips. It’s free and anyone can join in, even if you don’t know your cayengue from your nuevo tango. If you close your eyes and let the rhythm move you, you’ll catch on soon enough.

And to see how the pros do it, two tango festivals sashay their way into town during the summer, with the Neo Tango Festival taking place in mid-May and the Festival de tango de Montréal in July. Both events feature shows, workshops and more than enough milongas (dance nights) to leave you absolutely breathless.