BIXI: Montréal’s public bike system

© Tourisme Montréal - Bixi (velo)© Société de vélo en libre service - Bixi (velo)© Tourisme Montréal - Bixi (velo)
© Canadian Tourism Commission - Bixi in Old Montreal (velo)© Société de vélo en libre service - Bixi (velo)© Société de vélo en libre service - Bixi (velo)

© Tourisme Montréal - Bixi (velo)

March 27, 2015 BIXI allows cyclists to easily explore Montréal’s 680 kilometres of bike paths. But what exactly is it? BIXI (the name is a hybrid of the first two letters of “bicycle” and the last two letters of “taxi”) is low-cost and easy-to-use, and makes gas-guzzling modes of urban transportation seem so very passé.

A $5 access fee is all it takes to borrow a bike at one of the 460 stations across the city, for a trip on the fly or as part of a daily routine. The first 30 minutes of a ride – no matter how many trips are made in a day – are always free but an additional fee will be added to each subsequent 30-minute period.

Thanks to BIXI–a concept that garnered the top Edison Award for Energy & Sustainability recognising the best innovations of the year–, Montréal’s bike-bragging rights just grew exponentially. But the greatest recognition of BIXI success lies in the public response: over one million rentals in the first year alone!

BIXI has now been recognized by two large metropolises as the public bike system par excellence. The city of Montréal has reached agreements with Boston and London, England, to implement a version of our bike-share program.

So there is BIXI in a nutshell: economical, ecological and practical!