Green Montréal

For the person looking to travel with an environmentally responsible conscience, Montréal is not only a logical choice, but also a dynamic and out of the ordinary metropolitan area. Urban and eco-friendly? That’s right. When it comes to green initiatives, Montréal is a trailblazer.

First and foremost, Montréal is the first urban centre and seventh global destination to sign the National Geographic Geotourism Charter, underlying its commitment to the preservation, conservation and stewardship of its historic, cultural and natural assets.

It has become increasingly easy to visit Montréal in an eco-responsible manner. The 560 km (350 miles) of cycling paths throughout the city are the pride of Montrealers and the reason why so many citizens have adopted the bicycle as a mode of transport both to work and to play. With plans to further expand its bike path network, the city has been hailed at the “best cycling city in North America” by the American magazine Bicycling.

Nature lovers of all sorts can enjoy over 17 parks, or 2000 acres of preserved land, including the magnificent Mount Royal, the city’s backyard and favourite escape for enthusiasts who happily immerse themselves in its abundant flora and fauna.

Individually, residents do their part too. Our “ruelles vertes”, or the greening of our back alleys, is actively promoted; in fact, much of the appeal of discovering Montréal is time spent meandering these lush back lane oases.

As for commerce, numerous companies are partners in the city’s collective plan for sustainable development and participate actively in building a more eco-responsible urban environment. Whether it’s through simple gestures or through major projects, businesses are implicated in protecting the environment and respecting the values of community, a sentiment that can be appreciated across the island.

From LEED certified buildings, urban agriculture, local gastronomy, eco-responsible events, eco-friendly design to many other ingenuities, the city is filled with remarkable sustainable initiatives that you will be able to encounter during your stay in Montréal.