Montréal, an eco-responsible destination

© Biosphère, Environment Museum - Biosphère, musée de l'environnement

Is Montréal a green city? Absolutely! As proof, the Québec metropolis was the first in the world—and the seventh international destination—to sign the Geotourism Charter of the National Geographic Society in 2007. Ever since, the city has not missed an opportunity to preserve and enhance its rich tourism heritage by combining it with sustainable development.

Do you want to live an eco-friendly experience? Consult the geotourism map of Montréal and develop your own itinerary! You can also choose from a variety of attractions to suit your interests: architecture, places dedicated to sustainable development, festivals, urban agriculture, gastronomy, outdoor activities, or neighbourhood life. There is something for everyone, and all this with the endearing and all natural-warmth of Montrealers, which makes it even more fun to explore green Montréal.

You can also opt for our suggestions of neighborhood tours and themed tours led by passionate Montrealers who are keen on social and environmental responsibility. On foot, by subway, bike, or otherwise, Montréal offers a thriving visit with sustainable memories!

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