Les Touilleurs


August 18, 2011 – Much more than just a kitchen store, Les Touilleurs is, above all, a place where passion and culinary meet. A retail store, “art gallery”, and workshop all rolled into one, this space created by interior designer Louise Savoie is nothing less than a sophisticated boutique-gallery dedicated to all things culinary. Each utensil, cookbook, appliance, or tool has been carefully selected for its quality and practicality, and just as carefully displayed against a background of monochrome white, as if each item was a precious piece of art.

The incredible quality of the store’s merchandise aside, when it comes to client satisfaction, no detail has been left unheeded: fledgling foodies and professional chefs alike find their respective treasures, guided by knowledgeable personnel on hand who assist with extraordinary precision. With all the warmth and cosiness of a household kitchen, this shrine to culinary excellence features a comprehensive kitchen complete with a large countertop-cooking area and barstools where workshops are led by some of Montréal’s leading chefs. This space also sets the stage for the ARTV cooking show, Les Touilleurs, hosted by none other than the two store owners, François Longpré and Sylvain Côté.

And what to say about the exquisite recipes listed on the blackboard at the entrance of the shop, with the promise of something so delectable that your mouth starts to water just reading them? Or the tantalizing aroma of cakes fresh from the oven that fills the very corners of the shop and tickles your nose until you simply must give in? One step through the door and it’s clear to see why accolades such as the 2008-2009 Global Innovation Award from the International Housewares Association recognizing Les Touilleurs as one of the five best concepts in the world have been pouring in since Les Touilleurs opened shop in 2002. For anyone passionate about cooking (or eating!), Les Touilleurs is definitely a place to visit.