The Who, What, and Where of Montréal Fashion

© Harricana par Mariouche - Harricana par Mariouche

March 22, 2016 - Fashion, style, mode, trend, sense…any way you slice it, Montréal has its own special flair when it comes to outward appearances. A fashion destination beyond compare, the Global Language Monitor recently ranked Montréal on the list of world fashion capitals. Montréal’s distinctively eclectic style is everywhere: in boutiques, designer workshops and even on the street. Its chic distinction hails from an innate knack of combining just the right mix of original, elegant and fun for stunning results.

First, there’s the look…
It’s all about mastering the art of mix and match – styles, trends, inspirations, high-end with low-end, vintage with new – to create something new and having the confidence to pull it off. Self-expression overrides dressing to impress in this city where inherent nature shines through in style choices. A touch of flamboyance with just the right measure of bohemia intertwined with classic good taste and a good dose of joie-de-vivre are a common recipe for Montréal wardrobes.

Those who create the look…
Quebec is known the world over as a hotbed of design talent – clothing, accessories, jewellery, eco-fashion and the list goes continues. Both emerging and veteran designers have a fresh take on fashion that garners international attention, supporting the opinion that here, fashion-forward isn’t an objective, it’s a way of life. Local designers continue to shine on the international stage, from Mariouche Gagné’s much-acclaimed Harricana label to Roland Dubuc’s exquisite jewellery creations to a new wave of up-and-coming designers like Eve Gravel, Annie 50 and Dinh Bà who are making their mark on the fashion world.

Our designers have put Montréal on the map as a fashion capital, and now we’ve put them on the map – the Montréal Fashion Map, that is. This handy interactive map pinpoints local designers and where to find their creations. Its various routes will also lead you to discover some new and exciting labels!

And where to find the look…
Fresh Montréal style rubs shoulders with leading international labels come August, when the Fashion and Design Festival comes to town. From the main stage on downtown McGill College Avenue radiates an eclectic array of glamorous activities and inspiring fashion from sun-up to sundown: 60+ fashion shows, design “in real time”, the Sainte-Catherine Street shopping rally, a High Heel race for charity, plus chic cocktail parties, live music and DJs.  It all adds up to the largest outdoor fashion and design event in North America (and one great party!).

If you like what you see on the runway, you just might be able to pick it up at La Grande Braderie de Mode Québécoise, or The Big Fashion Sale by Quebec Designers. Racks upon racks of samples, seconds and surplus are up for grabs in this bi-annual event that includes some 40 designers and draws upwards of 8,000 eager shoppers over four days of steals and deals on everything from ready-to-wear for men and women, plus swimwear, children’s clothing, accessories and more. 

On your mark, get set, shop!