Montréal for School Groups

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Montréal is an enriching and versatile place for kids of all ages to learn about language, art, science and more – and have a blast while doing it! With a dual French/English context, our school boards offer excellent French and English Immersion programs. Montréal provides a safe, clean environment in which schoolchildren may broaden their horizons and experience something new.

What to do
Budding Picassos, Einsteins and Indiana Joneses will flip for the city’s many world-class art, history and science museums that feature special programming for young audiences. The four Montréal Space For Life nature museums – Biodôme, Insectarium, Botanical Garden and Planetarium – provide a hands-on, eye-opening experience for budding naturalists.

A tour around Old Montréal is a must when in the city. As fun as it is educational, it’s like an open-air museum of French and British architecture dating back to 1684.

And because active minds + active bodies = happy children (and happy teacher-chaperones), Montréal offers a wide array of exciting recreational activities to keep energetic kids on the move and out of trouble: from guided cycling tours to kayaking on the Lachine Canal to indoor rock climbing to thrilling roller coasters at La Ronde and more, it’s all right here within easy access, on-island.

Getting around
Public transit is by far and wide the best way to get about town, thanks to an extensive bus and metro (subway) system that offers hop-on/hop-off convenience. Simple and safe, it provides ample sightseeing opportunities between stops. Accommodation in Montréal is just as simple and convenient, with some twenty downtown hotels that cater to school groups. And, when it comes time to eat, dining on a shoestring isn’t a problem either, with multiple reasonably-priced restaurant options available for groups.

For more information, check out the online School Group Guide.

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