Student Group Travel

Languages, art, science and fun for kids of all ages!

French being Montréal’s first language, our schools are an excellent choice for French-immersion. And with English as our second, student groups come for English-immersion classes, too. It’s only natural to learn a second language in Montréal—most citizens are bilingual, if not trilingual. (Our city is made up of close to 80 different ethnic groups.)

Montréal is also a city of artists. Which means that in addition to several excellent museums, such as the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Musée d’art contemporain, art is everywhere. Like sky-high outdoor murals or Jean-Paul Riopelle’s La Joute, a kinetic fountain that shoots fire through water. Our artistic nature is partly why UNESCO designated Montréal as a City of Design in 2006.

A visit to Old Montréal is like going back in time—it’s an open-air museum of French and British architecture dating back to 1684. A visit to Montréal’s science and technology museums is like a trip to the future. The Montréal Science Centre has an IMAX®TELUS theatre plus loads of different interactive programs. Students into gaming, for example, know that Montréal is one of the animation hot spots in the world, and Science 26 shows how animations are made. For nature fans, monkeys frolic and sloths hang out in a jungle at the Biodôme, while penguins dive and soar underwater in the sub-Antarctic ecosystem. For kids who like bugs, next door is the Insectarium.

Moving from the mind to the body, who wouldn’t be enthralled by Trapezium, Montréal’s flying trapeze centre? Or the Centre d’escalade Horizon Roc, for indoor rock climbing? While no one’s allowed to run away and join Montréal’s famous Cirque du Soleil, everyone can learn about the circus arts at the École du cirque de Verdun and TOHU. For simple outdoor sightseeing, in and around the city are miles and miles of cycling and rollerblading paths.