Trendy Montréal

© Tourisme Montréal, Stéphan Poulin - Cycling on Le Plateau-Mont-Royal (velo)

Montréal weekends actually start with Thursday’s 5 à 7.That’s what the rest of the continent calls happy hour, and that’s when Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Plateau Mont-Royal, Mile End and the Gay Village get even busier than the rest of the week.

Restaurants and cafés overflow till 11 or midnight, bars, clubs and lounges thump away to 3 am – and beyond, at afterhours clubs. Whether your clients are seasoned circuit-party goers or club curious, we’ve got every kind of style, from posh to grungy, from industrial to lounge. The perfect party city for all your bon vivants!

For music lovers, we have electronic, house, techno, hip hop – spun by all the big-name DJs. Plus loads of live music: jazz, blues, rock’n’roll and classical, not to mention a phenomenal indie scene.

There’s lots to do by daylight, too. Like Sunday morning tam-tams (drums) at the base of Mount Royal, or a Piknic Électronik (electronic music happening) on an island in the middle of the river. Then there’s outdoor art in the street or in galleries with huge plate-glass windows.

A good day for your fashionistas and window shoppers is a full day of discovering Montréal’s fabulous boutiques. Clothes, furniture, home décor – our designers aren’t afraid to tread boldly in a city where innovation is nurtured and rewarded.

Montréal is an avant-garde destination whose reputation has been spread by word-of-mouth around the globe. There’s always something new and exciting going on in this city. Montrealers are far too creative to do anything boring!