Health and Beauty


February17, 2014 — Tied up in knots? Life moving a little too fast? Maybe it’s time to get down with your inner zenà la Montréal! Balance isn’t just a concept in Montréal; it’s part of the lifestyle. In fact, Montréal has taken “me time” to a whole new level, thanks to its wide variety of first-rate spas, beauty centres and boutiques that offer some pretty exceptional ways to relax and rejuvenate without emptying your wallet.

Start by checking out the city’s spas – urban, trendy, holistic, rural – you name it, Montréal has it. You’ll find them downtown, uptown, out of town, in the middle of nature, in hotels and even on the water! The common thread: complete and total relaxation. With a full gamut of treatments at your disposal, it won’t be long until you feel brand new!

Give yourself a boost with activities ranging from hot yoga to a mani/pedi to floating freely in your own personal egg-shaped bath. Montréal’s spas and beauty centres will energize you, body and soul.

Take the spa home with you thanks to luxurious health and beauty products found in upscale stores such as The WANT Apothecary (designer clothing and bodycare), 4 elements (eco-friendly lifestyle),and Ecksand (jewellery). After all, there’s a lot to be said about retail therapy, too!

The glory of inner peace may be elusive, but here in Montréal, you just might find it. Namaste.