Digital Arts in Montréal

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July 20, 2016 — Digital arts in Montréal are inventive and highly-creative. With some 1,500 Montréal artists working in the field alone, this activity sector counts numerous business and organizations that specialize in research, training, creation and distribution. And, in fine Montréal fashion, there are more than a few major international festivals and events on the topic, reinforcing Montréal’s reputation as the North American meeting place for digital arts.

MUTEK & SAT –at the forefront of digital creativity
A must on the international calendar, the MUTEK festival explores digital creativity in music, art and sound. It is an exceptional event that brings together artists, professionals and festival-goers in pursuit of the very finest in electronic permutation and visual and sonic experimentation.

The Society for Arts and Technology, or SAT, is a unique transdisciplinary centre devoted to everything new in digital culture. North America’s first “Living Lab”, joining a network created by the European Community, offers digital discovery in myriad forms and exciting interactive immersion.

Can’t-be-missed international events in Montréal

Hailed by some as the Montréal digital version of the Venice Biennale, Montréal’s Digital Spring serves to raise visibility of local artists and democratize emerging practices by engaging citizens in participatory activities. Some 150 rendezvous (both paid and free-of-charge) are planned across the city.

The International Digital Arts Biennial (BIAN) offers a fabulous vantage of the local and international digital arts scene by taking people on a journey through the digital arts, visiting to the most important sites for contemporary creation in Montréal.

The Elektra – Digital arts festival is top-notch, Montréal-based and multi-disciplinary. This home-grown initiative presents the latest electronic music and visual creations derived from new technologies from around the globe. The common thread? A shared interest in artistic applications of new technologies that unite visual and sound.

The SAT Fest presents its immersive short films selection in the Satosphere, an immersive modular theatre as impressive as the films it projects. Dedicated to artistic creation and visualisation activities, the theatre features a dome that forms a 360-degree spherical projection screen, ideal to showcase the incredible creativity and vision from talented local and international artists.