A typical night out in Montréal

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February 22, 2016 — To experience Montréal by night is to truly get to handle on the city and feel its contagiously pervasive joie de vivre! The night is yours: will it begin with a few drinks at happy hour? Then a concert? Supper at 11 p.m.? On the dance floor until the wee hours of the morning? The choice is yours…and what a choice you have!

5 à 7 Happy Hour
Once thecomputer shuts down at the end-of-day Thursday, it’s Montréal’s unofficial kick-off to the weekend: the ball gets rolling with happy hour (5 à 7) in bars, pubs, microbreweries and patios across the island.


Dine and dance in the same place

Supper clubs are a one-stop shop for evening entertainment. Start with a cocktail, then it’s off to dine in a musical atmosphere. Once the after-dinner liqueurs have been cleared, the tables disappear as if by magic to make room for a dance floor.

Off to the Casino!

Housed in one of Montréal’s most spectacular buildings, the Casino de Montréal has it all to dazzle you with its exhilarating game and entertainment experience.

A few unique suggestions

  • Try a beer with an unusually crazy name, created and brewed in a local microbrewery.
  • Spend an evening on an outdoor patio, hidden from view in a quaint backstreet or high above on a rooftop.
  • Dance the night away (literally) in an all-night techno bar (unlicensed).
  • Attend a show, either in a performance venue or in a bar.
  • Follow the game as if you were right there in a sports bar.


Montréal nightlife by neighbourhood

It’s all well and good to want to go out, but where? Montréal neighbourhoods have a personality all their own – especially when the sun goes down.


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