Find Fashion Goods at Quai 417


January 10, 2014 — Located on the ground floor of the historic, refurbished Beardmore Building (1902-1903/1910-1912) in Old Montréal, Quai 417 is a haven for anyone interested in the Québec fashion scene. The trendy boutique offers high-end, ready-to-wear clothing for women and men, as well as shoes, jewellery, and a variety of unique accessories. Here, works by the province’s best designers are showcased alongside carefully handpicked creations by international favourites. You’ll find styles by locals, Philippe Dubuc and UNTTLD, next to pieces by A.F. Vandevorst (Belgium), Jean Colonna (France), R13 (USA), Mihara Yasuhiro (Japan), and more.

The store space itself is thoughtfully designed. An exposed-brick wall and polished concrete floor, both in muted earth tones, form an elegant backdrop for the bright yellow racks on which all the garments are displayed. This mélange of materials, colours, and fabrics elevates the industrial loading dock setup to a level of chic unparalleled in the city.

A concept boutique that transcends the boundaries of fashion, Quai 417 also invites videographers, painters, sculptors, and other contemporary artists to use the space for innovative events and activities.