Fly high at the Aérodium of Montréal


February 24, 2012 ─ Have you always dreamed of flying high in the sky, just like a bird? Well, your dream can come true at the Aérodium of Montréal! In fact, you can rise up close to 4 metres (13 feet) in the air and really feel what it’s like to fly thanks to a vertical wind tunnel that blows an upward current at the rate of 200 km per hour. The apparatus, which is actually a freefall simulator, provides you with the exceptional opportunity to try out – or master – the sensation of skydiving, without actually jumping out of a plane.

In fact, flying at the Aérodium is an extremely safe activity that can be enjoyed by anyone weighing less than 100 kg (220 lbs). Even kids 5 years and older can get in on the fun, making flying at the Aérodium a fantastic family or group outing. The Aerodium supplies all the equipment needed – flight suit, helmet, earplugs and goggles. Just bring well-fitting, soft-soled shoes and wear light clothing for maximal manoeuvrability and comfort.

To begin, participants receive a 30-minute introductory training session on basic techniques, and are then accompanied by a qualified instructor throughout their session. And if this wasn’t fun enough, the wind tunnel is surrounded by a large, inflatable cushion, so high-flyers can try their hand at all sorts of exciting manoeuvres without any fear of getting hurt.

Are you ready to take flight? Head out to the Parc Jean-Drapeau on Île Notre-Dame and make your dreams come true at the Aérodium!