Harricana par Mariouche

© Harricana par Mariouche - Harricana par Mariouche© Harricana par Mariouche - Harricana par Mariouche© Harricana par Mariouche - Harricana par Mariouche
© Harricana par Mariouche - Harricana par Mariouche

© Harricana par Mariouche - Harricana par Mariouche

November 25, 2011 ─ The concept - Unique sustainable fashion.

Harricana par Mariouche breathes new life into old furs, coats, silk scarves, cashmere and even wedding gowns by remodelling them into unique designer creations. A pioneer when it comes to eco-fashion, designer Mariouche Gagné has been working wonders with recycled materials – fur, suede, leather, silk – for close to 20 years, and saving the lives of well over 600,000 animals in the process! What’s more, almost 90% of the fur Harricana uses comes from Québec – the designer says you wouldn’t believe how much old fur people have hanging in their closets – and all items are fully “made in Canada” under ethical manufacturing conditions, out of respect for both the environment and for man, the fundamental values that drive this Eco-luxe® label.

The style

Edgy, ethical, and extraordinary, designs sporting the Harricana par Mariouche label are synonymous with beauty and product excellence. From revitalized coats to aviator hats to handbags to skirts and dresses, all creations stem from carefully-chosen fabrics to ensure softness, comfort, well-being and style to all who wear them.

Gagné’s ethical, one-of-a-kind creations have catapulted her talent and designs to international fame; this year, none other than Harricana par Mariouche had a pop-up boutique at the über-stylish 66 Champs Elysées concept boutique during the fall Paris Fashion Week!

The boutique museum

Since it opened in 2002, visitors have enjoyed a behind-the-scenes peek at Harricana’s workshop-boutique. So much so, in fact, that Mariouche Gagné decided to take it one step farther and become a partner in the Economuseum® Society Network: her workshop-boutique is now an Économusée de la création de mode (Fashion Design Economuseum) for all to enjoy!

Decidedly one of the most stylish tours in town, the Harricana Economuseum provides visitors with a first-hand glimpse into the world of fashion design, the great amount of work and attention to minute detail required for each creation, and the importance of ecological and local consumption.

The tour includes the recycled materials warehouse, design spaces, and made‑to‑measure workshops. It constantly changes, with the addition of new style boards, sketches and special projects. What’s more, an interactive archive featuring media coverage, videos and photographs will be integrated into the circuit in the coming months.

Harricana par Mariouche: turning fine materials into fine fashion.