New contemporary art exhibitions


December 6, 2013 — With its first three exhibitions of 2014, the Musée d’art contemporain presents fascinating works which explore the depths of identity, time, and emotion.

Adrian Paci — Lives in transit (February 6 to April 20, 2014)
In his first major exhibition in Canada, Albanian artist Adrian Paci explores how identity and collective history are formed in different socio-political contexts. Strongly influenced by his and his family’s own journey of exile, Adrian Paci shapes this raw material to create emotional pieces wrought with lucidity. With his striking videos and installations, evocative photographs, sculptures and paintings, his highly contrasted art removes the boundary between the real and the imaginary.

Christian Marclay — The Clock (February 22 to April 20, 2014)

The Clock by Christian Marclay is nothing less than a hypnotic, 24-hour long video clock. With the precision of a Swiss master, the artist chose thousands of film clips associated with time (dialogue, clip of a watch or other) to make this impressive video collage that always reflects the current hour of the day. Provoking a reflection on the passage of time, this work has earned its creator the Golden Lion for best artist and has been acclaimed everywhere it was shown.

Collages — Gesture and fragments (February 6 to April 20, 2014)
To accompany the work The Clock, the Musée showcases the art of collage in this exhibition combining a diverse range of local artists. With the angles of humour, social criticism and poetry, the pieces illustrate how the technique stimulates creativity through painting, sculpture, video and sound. Additionally, children and their parents are invited to participate in fun collage workshops entitled Tick Tock MAC Clock every Sunday of March 2014.