The OSM celebrates its 80th season


September 17, 2013 — The OSM’s 2013–2014 season was conceived specifically to address the uniqueness of Montréal. Broad ranging, with major works from several different cultures, this year’s programming mirrors much of the diversity found in Canada’s cultural capital.

The OSM Pop series will feature two pop stars, a legendary work of Quebec theater transformed by staging René Richard Cyr and music by Daniel Bélanger, as well as a show honouring one of the province’s most important poets.

For the holiday season, guests can reflect quietly to the Bach Mass in B Minor, listen to Bruno Pelletier singing traditional carols, or be enchanted by a new tale from Fred Pellerin.

Meanwhile, throughout the season, the OSM Éclaté series breaks down boundaries between musical genres in unusual contexts and appropriate familiar locations for unexpected purposes: Mahler at the Molson brewery, Boulez and Stravinsky at the L’Arsenal art gallery, a commissioned work for turntables and orchestra by Maxime McKinley and DJ Champion, and the transformation of the Maison symphonique into a huge electro lounge following the concert. The OSM and Maestro Nagano invite you to experience the unlikely pairing of Beethoven and Frank Zappa.

Finally, with the new season comes the inauguration of a new organ on May 28, 2014. Designed and built on behalf of the OSM by the house of Casavant Frères, with the collaboration of architects Diamond Schmitt and Ædifica for its visual design, the instrument bears the name Grand Orgue Pierre Béique, in tribute to the founder and first general manager of the OSM (from 1939 to 1970). This large organ consists of 109 registers, 83 stops, 116 ranks and 6,489 pipes.