STAR WARS Identities at the Montréal Science Centre


February 27, 2012 – One of the most successful film-franchises in history, Star Wars has captured the public’s imagination like few others. Although the story takes place in a “galaxy far, far away,” it has a universal appeal that bridges time and space. There’s something about the struggles of the characters that allows us to recognize ourselves in their adventures, to see their journeys as our own.

This depth of character is one of the reasons for Star Wars’ continued success, and it is the subject of a new exhibition at the Montréal Science Centre. Making its world premiere in Montréal, STAR WARS Identities: The Exhibition runs from April 19 to September 16, 2012. Through a combination of real science and fictional adventure, visitors will learn about the formation of human identity using Star Wars and its unforgettable characters as a vehicle.

The Science behind the Self
The scientific component of the exhibit, which delves into the multitude of factors that shape human personalities, was developed by the Montréal Science Centre in collaboration with a team of scientists in the fields of genetics, neuropsychology and the health sciences. It explores the formation of identify through three main themes: the origins of the characters, the influences that shape them, and the choices they make in their lives. Based on the science of identity formation, for example, why did Luke and Anakin become such different people, despite growing up in the same environment and sharing a similar genetic makeup?

Interactive Learning
Using an interactive element, the exhibition allows visitors to explore the theme of identity on a more personal level. Using a bracelet that records visitors’ answers to various identify-related questions posed throughout the tour, they leave the exhibit with a fictional Star Wars alter-ego that reflects their responses.

Looking Behind the Curtain
Having worked together to produce Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology, which made its world premiere at the Montréal Science Centre last April, Lucasfilm, Montréal-based X3 Productions and the Montréal Science Centre have teamed up once again. In addition to the science-based aspects of the exhibit, it includes a vast collection of some 200 props, models, costumers and other objects from the Lucasfilm Archives that gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at the movie.  Likewise, “making-of” features tell the stories behind the creation of many of the characters, shedding light on how their identities were formed and showing how different creative choices would have radically altered them as characters.

Don’t miss the world premiere of this travelling exhibition. Come and find out which forces are shaping you.