Take a walk on Montréal’s gourmet side

© Linda Turgeon, photographe - Marché Atwater© VDM Global DMC - VDM Global DMC / Culinary Guide Tours© Linda Turgeon, photographe - Atwater Market
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© Linda Turgeon, photographe - Marché Atwater

August 17, 2012 ─ At a time when fine dining is on the rise in this city, when farmers’ markets are flourishing and when microbreweries are raking in awards, Montréal company VDM Global is inviting foodies to take a walk on Montréal’s gourmet side with a professional food guide. Here are 3 new tours to whet your appetite for the finer things in life.

Microbreweries, Maxi Flavours
Did you know that man has been brewing hops for over 10,000 years? This tour of Montréal’s renowned Latin Quarter will teach you everything you need to know about the history of beer, as your experienced guide debunks a few enduring myths about it. The three-hour tour celebrates the convivial nature of this popular beverage and showcases some fine, locally produced munchies.
When? October 27
Price? $65 per person (taxes and tastings included).

Tales and Tastes of the Atwater Market

Since 1933, the Atwater Market has been a draw for locals in search of farm-fresh produce. In addition to stalls overflowing with fruits, vegetables and flowers, the historic market building houses a wide range of gourmet shops. Throughout the two-and-a- half hour tour, you will have the opportunity to sample a variety of delicacies. Then comes a stroll through the streets of St. Henri and Little Burgundy, where you will learn the rich history of these nearby neighbourhoods, currently experiencing a resurgence of popularity among young people.
When? Saturdays starting at 1:30 pm.
Price? $55 per person (taxes and tastings included).

A Foodie’s Tour of Little Italy

A Foodie's Tour of Little Italy allows visitors to discover one of Montréal's most captivating neighbourhoods. Little Italy boasts quaint streets, renowned restaurants and fine epicurean groceries, not to mention Jean-Talon Market, the largest open-air market in North America, where tasty samplings are part of the experience.

When? Saturdays, from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Price? $55 per person (taxes and tastings included).