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2300 46th Avenue Lachine, Québec
H8T 2P3
METRO: Lionel-Groulx
BUS: 211 West and 202 East
Telephone: 514 633-0000Toll-free:1 855 867-8395
Fax: 514 633-0331
E-mail: contact@vortexracing.ca
URL: www.vortexracing.ca

As North America’s first racing simulation centre, Vortex Racing brings the thrill and experience of racing to Montréal, a city annually immersed in the excitement of the Grand Prix. Vortex Racing offers eight professional-level simulators identical to those used in practice by top Formula 1 teams. From casual observers who want to know what the buzz is all about, to professional racers who want more practice time in the most realistic setting possible, participants can sit in the driver’s seat and feel the extraordinary rush of adrenaline that is unique to the sport.


Upon reservation only.


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  • restaurant on site
  • bar
  • guided tour
  • free parking
  • parking for buses
  • Wi-Fi
  • karting / Car Racing
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© Vortex Racing - Vortex Racing