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A quadrilateral bordered by University, Saint-Jacques, Viger and Saint-Urbain Streets Montréal, Québec
METRO: Square-Victoria
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Tucked in between the Downtown core and historic Old Montréal is the Quartier international, a public area dotted with many works of art from around the world and one cannot help but notice their eclectic nature, a contrasting display of classical and modern. At the centre of this Quartier sits the eye-catching La Joute, a bold study by Jean-Paul Riopelle, in which fire confronts water. The area's monuments, statues, sculptures and historic remains all combine to create a sense of movement. Numerous high-end hotels are found here too, as is the Palais des congrès (Convention Centre) which welcomes hundreds of thousands of delegates and convention-goers from around the world yearly.


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