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When you’re far from home, your mobile devise can be your best resource.

In the olden days, when one was lost, a reliable strategy for finding your bearings was to “ask for directions” from a local. I know, weird, right? These days we have mobile devises that sort of social inconvenience.

I’m being facetious. Montréalers are a friendly crew, and should you find yourself lost, they’ll be waiting to point you in the right direction.

Like all urban centers, Montréal has developers scrambling to win over mobile users with the most current and stylish app to revolutionize your lifestyle. In fact, when doing my research, I stumbled across over 100 apps with Montréal specific content in the iTunes store. But you don’t need that many.

Here are five Montréal-specific and five general travel apps to help you have a breezy getaway…



MONTRÉAL ($1.99)- A simple name and a simple concept. This app is essentially a complete download-able street map. That way, when you are out and about (and lost), you won’t have to worry about roaming fees.

ÎLE SANS FIL (FREE)– Paying for wireless access is an antiquated concept. Thankfully in Montréal there is an organization that provides 150+ WiFi hotspots throughout the city. This app finds the hotspot near you. Create a free user account and roam away!

OLD MONTRÉAL ($2.99) – This is a lovely app for a lovely neighborhood. Old Montréal is a charming and historic district, and what better way to experience it than with an interactive walking tour guide. Tidbits of information about architecture, history and more!

BIXME ($0.99) – Montréal has a public bike system called Bixi. This is a great guide to help you find the nearest station or place to return your bike. Mark you favorite locations for easy retrieval.

STM MOBILE ($0.99) – Your best resource in navigating the public transit system of Montréal. Take advantage of up-to-date info, such as notifications on bus route alterations, which occur occasionally during festival.



FOURSQUARE (FREE)– Perhaps an obvious choice for the app-aficionado, but as more and more users add content, there are increasingly more tips to help you get the inside scoop. Unlock Montréal!

iTRANSLATE (FREE)– Most Montréalers speak both English and French, so there is a slim chance that you’ll actually need to use this. However, what most travelers don’t know is that locals LOVE hearing your cute accent when you speak in French. So bone up on some phrases and who knows what could happen!

YELP/AROUNDME/URBANSPOON (FREE)– Some would argue one over the other, but these are all great GPS-based apps that will lead you to a meal when you are on the go.

BUMP! GUIDE, MONTRÉAL ($2.99)– An app for the gays! Featuring hotels, restaurants, clubs and more, this is a great choice for those who want to filter through all that hetero-noise and get straight to the gay.

FLIGHT STATUS ($4.99) – Find out where your sweetie is in the sky, or how to get yourself to the airport. Includes airline information and info on delayed/cancelled flights.



FLASHLIGHT (FREE) – As a traveler, sometimes you need a bit of light. This is a great option.

AIR CANADA (FREE) – Track your flights. Check in. Book that last minute getaway to Montréal.

KOBO (FREE) – Read a book on a train. Or wherever, really.

FLIGHTCONTROL (FREE) – You’re flight is delayed. You need a game. Land planes for fun.

PACKING ($0.99) – Helps you manage the many details of travel. Complex equation will help you determine how many pairs of underwear to pack =

(# days + risk of layover)/chance of getting laid and not needing underwear



  1. Sam

    / May 7th

    You forgot to mention the amazing SAQ app.
    It helps you find the nearest wine store (so you can buy a bottle that you’ll drink at the nearest park 😉 )

  2. JS

    / May 7th

    Daniel! You also forgot GRINDR, the most important travel app, especially after you use that SAQ app that Sam recommends…

  3. Simon

    / May 21st

    You can also use a dog friendly app, specially made for Montréal (French only) “Maître chez soi” (TV Show also).

  4. Xinlin

    / Apr 15th

    don’t forget “mymontreal”, an app to check the montreal bus schedule on iOS platform. It is free and user-friendly. No internet connection required.

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