10 Great Montreal videos

Posted on May 23rd, 2013 by .

We’ve curated what we think is a pretty great list of our favourite videos featuring Montreal-  check them out…

THE MAN WHO LIVED ON HIS BIKE: This short film by Guillaume Blanchet is simple, cute, and jaw-dropping. Montreal is one of the most bike-friendly places in North America with dedicated paths, trails and a city-wide public bike renting system called Bixi, not to mention the upcoming Montreal Bike Fest.

SEB TOOTS MONTREAL SNOWBOARDING RUN: We’re all happy that the trees of Mount-Royal are now leafy green and we can picnic, bike, hike, and hang around the Tam-Tams, but we can still reminisce about the fun winter things like this awesome video of Montreal native Seb Toots snowboarding.

SHANGELA PERFORMS “TURN ME OUT” AT MONTREAL GAY PRIDE: Shangela is an up and coming drag culture icon. During Fierté Montréal Pride 2012 she seriously turned it out in one of the fiercest performances to ever take the stage. Skillfully filmed by Tourisme Montreal videographer Guillaume Langlois.

SAINT-LAURENT: This adorable little love story features the coolest people and places of Boulevard Saint-Laurent. Can you spot your favorite?

COME LIVE SOME MONTREAL MOMENTS: What is a #MTLmoment? It’s a moment that is crazy, spontaneous, fun, with great friends and full of laughter. Those times when you say “I gotta Instagram this” while soaking up some of that Montréal je-ne-sais-quoi. Check out some #MTLmoments , or tag your own on Instagram.

YOURS TRULY, MONTREAL: For a museum that is built upon really old stuff (the ruins of the first settlement of Montréal) the Pointe-a-Callieres museum has some pretty cutting-edge features. Created by Moment Factory, Yours Truly, Montreal is an immersive video projection directly on these beautiful archeological sites. It’s make history fun!

MONTREAL – TRIBUTE TO LIVE THE LANGUAGE: A gorgeous video that hits all the “raphys”: Geography, Cinematography, Typography. A tribute to Live the Language by Xuan Pham and Roman Koscianski.

LES BOULES ROSES: Claude Cormier’s “Les Boules Roses” in Montréal’s Gay Village have become an integral part of summer in the Gay Village. People flock to the terraces that pop up along Saint-Catherine when the pedestrian-only festival Aires Libres starts every May, and the pink balls cast a dreamy glow over each and every one. Fabulous!

FITZ & FOLLWELL.: Who doesn’t like a video with a cute puppy and trendy bikes? Fitz & Follwell is definitely the trendiest place to get a personally guided bike tour of Montréal. Oh, and the tour usually comes with some form of Montreal snack/beverage.

FIREWORKS IN MONTREAL: The amazing International Fireworks Competition that lights up the Montreal skyline twice a week from June 22 to August 3rd, 2013. This video is just a sneak peek of what you can expect from this year’s edition, but every year they manage to make it even more dazzling.


I’LL FAIT BEAU DAS L’MÉTRO: This is the amazingly campy first advertising campaign for Montréal’s Metro that was released in 1976. Kudos to anyone who does a 2013 version, guerrilla style. Montréal’s Metro is the fastest way to get anywhere, and if you’re coming into the city for a trip they have great deals on weekend passes!

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