10 Montreal Food Trucks You Need to Try

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food trucks montreal 2014

Are you ready to feast on the street? Montreal’s food trucks are ready to roll out across the city for the summer! They will officially convene seven days a week at 15 sites around Montreal from May 1 to October 5, 2014. You’ll also see more pop up around town on the weekends and at special events during the summer. Check out our Complete 2014 Food Truck Guide and these 10 food trucks you absolutely must eat at when in Montreal…

1. Grumman 78′

Grumman taco food truck photo by susan moss

Grumman 78′ is the original Montreal food truck and has been on the scene for years. Get in line for fresh soft-shelled tacos, spicy corn-on-the-cob, and other Mexican inspired dishes. You can even dine at their full service resto located in St-Henri! (Photo by Susan Moss)

2. La Sandwicherie Zoe’s

La Sandwicherie Zoe

Zoe’s truck is painted a bold and happy yellow, which is fitting for a place serving a range of bright and delicious sandwiches and Mediterranean-inspired dishes. (Photo by Zoe’s)

3. Pas d’cochon dans mon salon

pas d-cochon dans mon salon food truck

The seasonal salads and oysters at this food truck are, for many people, just side dishes for the incredible pulled pork they BBQ. (Photo by Susan Moss)

4. Winneburger

winneburger-montreal-food truck

The coolest food truck on the block is obviously the Nouveau Palais‘ 80s Winnebago that has been transformed into a mobile kitchen that cooks mouth-watering burgers to perfection. (Photo by Melora Koepke)

5. Camion Au Pied De Cochon

au pied de cochon food truck montreal

No reservations are necessary at the food truck version of one of Montreal’s most famed culinary institutions, Au Pied de Cochon. Foie Gras poutine, suckling pig sandwich on a doughnut…Need we say more? (Photo by Au Pied De Cochon)

6. Lucky’s


Lucky’s only uses the best local ingredients in their food truck. Local game and fresh veggies are turned into culinary creations like duck confit poutine, flatbread sandwiches and lavender woopie pies! (Photo by Susan Moss)

7. Meatball Montreal


A little dish of heaven: a few juicy meatballs topped with sauces and fresh produce. Easy to eat, easy to go back for more. (Photo by Mayssam Samaha)

8. Chaud Dogs

chaud dogs montreal food truck

Chaud Dogs make handcrafted gourmet hot dogs. Eight inches of beef, topped with a unique array of quality local ingredients. The menu changes regularly, so you’ll want to come back again and again to see what’s new! (Photo by Chaud Dogs)

9. Roux

La Roux food truck montreal

A collaboration between chef Eric W. Rice and Fabergé restaurant in the Mile-End. This food truck promises to “shock” your mouth with their combination of golden fries and unique sauces. (Photo by Roux)

10. Norman Luncheonette Urbaine

norman-food truck montreal

If the graphics on the side of Norman are any indication of what they serve up, it obviously specializes in proteins. Try their landmark B’Oeuf (beef & egg) sandwich. (Photo by Norman)

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  1. Julie caouette

    / Apr 29th

    Can’t wait to give these a try!

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