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Travelers are becoming increasingly aware of their environmental impact. We’ve got ten ideas for you to make your Montréal trip greener.

From an award winning hotel to an organic spa to a couple of delicious dining options, these suggestions will help you travel in style and on budget, while limiting your ecological impact.

  1. DINE at Toqué Restaurant. Owned by famous chef Normand Laprise, seventy percent of the food served at this restaurant comes from fresh off a farm only an hour outside of Montreal. Those who follow the 100-Mile Diet can rejoice!
  2. BIKE with Montréal’s community bike share program called ‘BIXI.’ Located at over 300 stations throughout the city, you can pick up a bike in Old Montréal and return it in Mile End. Besides the fact that two wheels means no carbon emissions, cycling is the perfect pace to take in Montréal.
  3. SHOP for a souvenir at Il Était Deux Fois. With inventive treasures built literally from junk, you’ll find funky clocks made from old cameras and messenger bags constructed from truck tubes (and much more). It’s the creative way to ‘reuse.’
  4. STAY at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel. As a winner of many industry awards in Environmental Leadership in the past years, this historic Montréal hotel has a well-developed Green Partnership Program that goes beyond requesting guests to re-use their towels.
  5. TRAVEL by rail. On a short haul trip, you can reduce your carbon footprint as much as ten times by opting for the train over an airplane. With direct trains from Toronto and New York City, this is a super option for those who enjoy traveling at a slower (and greener) pace.
  6. RELAX with a massage at Espace Nomad. As your ‘organic spa’ choice in Montréal, the folks at this Plateau oasis are serious about sourcing only organic products for your relaxation experience. Plus they plant trees for each signature massage purchased!
  7. SNACK at The Green Panther. A dynamic group of hip individuals cooking up organic produce into tasty treats. Hands down best falafel in town.
  8. STYLE yourself at Preloved. Featuring garments “consciously created from reclaimed fabrics,” Preloved is a staple stopover for any fashionista with environmental politics.
  9. EXPORE the city by foot with Running Tourist. Whether in a group or with a private guide, you can go for a jog, chat with a local and experience some of the most picturesque Montréal landscapes. Running excursions are the new bus tour.
  10. PAINT yourself green. Or go to an Irish pub. Or wear this outfit. But whatever you do, have some fun. Happy people lead to happy environments. Besides, Montréal loves to see you smile.


  1. Nice. I love the article and it is so profound. Thanks for this.

  2. Waldemar

    / Feb 17th

    A truly bgianluil city, students will not need to enroll in French classes to learn the language. Knowing French is definitely an asset, though, as many Quebecois look down on those who only speak English. I agree that it’s an exciting and mind-broadening city for American students. Also very gay-friendly, if that matters to you.

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