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It is November and the homosexuals are getting chilly. Time to make a trip to H&M and stock up on scarves. All the scarves. The weather here in Montreal has played nice, so I’m really running behind in my late-fall/pre-winter fashion shopping. At least all the visitors that come to Montreal this time of year can enjoy temperate weather while taking in all the beautiful fall colours. So as the Gays and Lesbians saddle up their scarves and fashion boots, here are 12 things they can do in Montreal

1. Hold hands with your boy/girlfriend, whilst taking a nice fall stroll through the multicoloured leaves in a Montreal park

Please follow this simple 5-Step program to achieve the perfect fall day. Step 1: find a boy/girlfriend. Step 2: Make sure they have hands. Step 3: Get two (or three?) pumpkin spice lattes. Step 4: Hold latte in one hand, hold your boy/girlfriend’s hand with the other. Step 5: Put one foot in front of the other in a park while drinking aforementioned lattes and slowly enter bliss.

Need park suggestions? Try Mount Royal Park, Canal Lachine, Parc Lafountain, or Old Montreal. (I know the last one is not a park, but it’s equally bliss-worthy.)

2. Check out one of the brand new restaurants in the Gay Village!

Over the summer a few pretty neat new restaurants popped up in Montreal’s Gay Village. So far, I’ve only had the opportunity to go to one of them- in the location where Mike’s used to be (where food would go to die) is a new place called Resto-Pub Saint André. Nothing fancy here, except a charming decor, friendly service, nice big TVs and a surprisingly gourmet menu. Unique burgers, sweet potato fries (or as I like to call them: Les Frites du Bourgeoisie), extensive salad menu and more. Check this place out, cheap eats and happy taste buds make for the gayest meal of your week.

3. Visit the Travel Gay Canada Conference, November 17-18

Are you in the travel industry? Do you want to open your horizons and business opportunities by learning about the LGBTQ travel industry? Well, this weekend in November will bring people from all over Canada who are ready to learn about gay and lesbian tourism. Sign up today if you’re interested!

4. Grab some people, gay or straight, and have a drink at Gotha Lounge

Cozy as can be, Gotha Lounge is the perfect place to just settle down, relax and grab a drink. Open every day at 4PM. No cliques here, just friendly patrons.

5. Make your triumphant return to KATAKOMBES!

Yes, you read that correctly, KATAKOMBES IS BACK! Located in the basement of 1450 Saint-Catherine East, Katacombes brings the best of leather, denim and fetish. I’m going to go dust off my chaps and dry clean my denim jacket because I’ll soon be found hanging by the pool table. Come for the free entry, stay for the leather and chest hair. Opens November 5.

6. Get Dragucated

Congratulations because you’ve been accepted into the Academy of Drag! Every Wednesday at 9PM, 5 students get selected and the Drag Queens of Mado not only transform them but teach them the drag basics! Do you have have what it takes to be a Queen?

7. Go to an Hors du Village Party

Every month there are a slew of gay and lesbian parties that happen outside the Gay Village. These parties usually start popping up around the middle of the month, so details are still scarce at this time. Major ones include Meow Mix, Tease, Pink28, Mec Plus Ultra, GayBash, Drama Queen and Faggity Ass Friday. Check out their Facebook pages to get updates on when and where these parties will take place! Mec Plus Ultra is always my favourite and it happens every two weeks at the Belmont.

8. Go to a fancy gala: Gala Phenicia 2011

Has it been at least six months since you got to wear your ball gown? Are you dying to break out that satin baby again? I know I am. So check out The Gala Phenicia, presented by TD and Telus, and hosted by the Gay Chamber of Commerce of Quebec. This will probably be the ultimate gay networking event of the year, filled with the best and brightest of Quebecois gays and lesbians. It will include a cocktail, a gourmet meal by Executive Chef Martin Paquet and a Quebec-themed spectacle. Check out the Facebook event for deals on how to get tickets and more information.

9. Get started on your Christmas shopping

I was walking through the mall the other day, and what did I hear? Christmas music. Not 2 days past Halloween and there’s already Christmas music. Justin Bieber’s sultry puppet voice rang into my ears with something about mistletoe and I was hooked. So why not get started on that Christmas shopping? In the year of the 1%, why don’t you support the local merchant economy by grabbing something handmade in Quebec? KA-VIE-ART in the Gay Village has tons of little nicknacks, arts, jewelry and such. They have these amazing little bowls that are made out of old vinyl records! Or check out Fait Ici, located on Notre-Dame, a “Modern General Store” that has a bit of everything and is fun to pick through and find some locally-made goods. Maple butter anyone?

10. Live out your big gay Broadway dreams

On November 12 at the landmark Rialto Theatre, go see a bilingual Broadway extravaganza that combines the best of Broadway in a single show: Simplement Broadway. I’m pretty sure this is a real life version of a Nyquil dream I once had. I can also imagine this being a fabulous place to meet cute theatre boys and their funny mothers. This is where Glee meets Montreal meets Spirit Fingers.

11. Seek out the best Apple Cider in Montreal

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to seek out the best Apple Cider in Montreal and then tweet me where it is. This means lots of exploring, lots of experimenting and lots of glasses of apple cider. I have a feeling this is the year of the Cider, and November is the perfect month to start this. Officially I gay-clare, November = Cider! I’ll send you one place to get your search started: Get a pint of Cider at Cafe Griffintown.

12. Enjoy a pastry and tea at De Farine et D’eau Fraiche

Nestled on the up-and-coming Rue Amherst in the Gay Village, this place is as quaint and adorable as a Youtube kitten video. They also have mini cakes.

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