2 New Montreal Nightclubs for 2010

Posted on December 15th, 2009 by .

It seems fitting, during this period of the nightlife calendar when we take stock of the past and look forward to the future, that I tell you about a couple new nightclubs in Montreal that will be big in 2010…

VELVET SPEAKEASY: I began hearing about this new spot in Old Montreal the way you often do about the best new places: in passing. “Velvet” kept popping up on the flyers and posters (and their 2.0 equivalents) of some of the city’s more interesting DJ nights and after-parties. Then I started hearing people mention it in their plans for the evening and thought it was time to investigate. This very cool space (pictured above) is located in the basement of the historic Saint-Gabriel and is as slickly cool as many of its fellow Old Port nightspots, though it pulls off a warmer, more relaxed feel than most. Think exposed brick and low ceilings. Think candles instead of strobe-lights. Think great, I mean really great, drinks. In short, a perfect example of the neo-speakeasy. They’ve also wisely teamed up with some of the city’s most interesting DJs (supposedly some jazzy 5-a-7s are also in the works), like the equally-up-and-coming dudes from Night Trackin’, who, starting in January, will host a monthly night there featuring a blend of disco and house music alongside an impressive line-up of high-profile guests. Velvet is closed for most of December (except New Year’s Eve), but is back in full force in 2010, when they’ll be open Thursday-Saturday. Check the link above for the full run-down of everything they’ve got up their sleeves.

MUZIQUE: An even newer kid on the block is Muzique. Though, like Velvet, it’s a DJ-oriented spot with a similarly selective opening schedule (only Friday and Saturday nights for now), that’s about all they have in common. It boasts “velvet rope exclusivity” and is said to attract “a bevy of models, actors and young financiers every weekend”. What does this mean in plain terms? It means 2 rooms (a rooftop terrace on warmer nights) with DJs spinning hip hop, electro, house and rock. It also means a strict dress code and 21+ door policy. It also means that bottle service will be in high demand. It also means that, depending on who you are, this is either your idea of nightlife hell or the new Montreal club that you’re most excited to check out. Or maybe it just means that whoever writes their press releases should just tone it down a bit.

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