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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then you’ve a whole delightful Montreal story ahead of you.

We’ve scoured Flickr for some of the best shots of the city, wanting to highlight the various seasons, architecture and landscapes.

Thanks to all the Flickr users who were willing to share their work with us!


PS: If you’ve got a stunning Montreal image that you think should be included, leave a comment with the link to your photograph. We might just want to do a second round…


mercredi 19h42, rue de bullion, plateau mont-royal, montréal

François Hogue gives us a stunning moment on Plateau Mont-Royal, known for it’s colorful walk up apartments and cast iron stair cases.


Marc (aka cactusautobus) takes us to the dramatic architecture of the Montreal Olympic Stadium, which to our pride and joy is the largest inclined tower in the world! In yer face Pisa!


Using a photo techinique called HDR, Kevin Tataryn has captured a spiritual experience at Montreal’s most famous cathedral – Basilica Notre-Dame. I believe, by simply looking at it, we are all closer to God – and since thriftiness is closest to godliness, check out this 2-for-1 deal on tickets to the Basilica.


Beaver Lake Path

Autumn colors in Montreal keep travelers coming back time and time again. In this pic Phil404 gives us a glimpse of Beaver Lake at the top of Parc Mont-Royal! Can you spot the beaver?


In the lazy summer days, one of the popular Montreal activities is sitting on a terrace and watching the world go by. Montreal photographer Jackie Rueda has successfully captured the spirit of this activity. Dreamy.


With another example of HDR, Sam Attal transposes the magic of Montreal’s Highlights Festival into photo format. Everyone loves a ferris wheel!



Make no mistake, Montreal is a large urban center. This photo of the downtown core helps contextualize the city. On the top-left of the photo, you’ll note the orange tinges on Mont Royal. Can we guess the season? Thanks to Doug for this aerial vantage point.


Doesn’t everybody dream of “His and Hers” apartments? This is another example of Montreal’s “Plateau” neighborhood, with it’s is colorful homes and cast iron staircases. Ashley Gasperino frames the Plateau iconography beautifully in this shot.


Old and young, black and white, gay and straight, French and English – the visage of Montreal is textured and diverse. In the metro, Benoit Paille does a fantastic job capturing a couple of faces with his Montreal portraiture.


The Montreal Botanical Gardens is considered one of the top gardens in the world. After a beautiful snowfall, Irene Suchocki captures a magical moment in Montreal.



A popular summer activity is to stroll through Place Jacque-Cartier where street performers and artists provide delightful distractions (and fun souvenirs). Sa Rang sneaks us into a sketch. Make me look like Brad Pitt, please.


A full moon creeps behind Basilica Notre-Dame, and Nicolas Paquet is there to greet it when it reappears. For a real treat, check out the light and sound show.


A circus acrobat practices his trampoline moves in the streets of Old Montreal. Let’s hope he didn’t land on talented local photographer Antoine Rouleau.



Using a photographic technique called tilt-shift, Christopher Liando makes Montreal’s massive Jacques-Cartier Bridge look like it might come from a cute train set. But in reality, it’s a big, big bridge.


Nestled onto the Northwest part of Mount Royal, St.Joseph’s Oratory is the perfect location to watch the sun sink over Montreal. More than 2 million visitors and pilgrims visit the Oratory every year. Atticus Finch was definitely one of them.


St. Laurent and Ave. des Pins, Montreal

At the corner of St. Laurent and Ave des Pins, this smiley woman waits for you. Montreal has a thriving urban art collection. So keep your eyes peeled as you walk through the streets. Thanks to Geoff Stahl for this shot.


TamJam du Mont-Royal              DSC_0095

One of the most popular Sunday activities in Montreal is to grab a picnic and head to the side of Mount Royal for the weekly Tam Tams drumming festival. Sylvain Michau caught this woman gettin’ funky to the beats.


A fun way to cover some ground is to jump in a carriage and let one of our animated guides tell you the history of Old Montreal. Bring a carrot for the horse. Or for yourself, should you get hungry. And if you get hungry for good photos, visit David Giral’s website.


A stunning view of Parc Jean-Drapeau, site of the famous ’67 World Expo.

Okay, enough drooling at Montreal over the Internet. Come say hello, already!




  1. miguel

    / Dec 1st
  2. Jacques

    / Dec 2nd

    Nice, but why don’t your articles include a freakin’ timestamp? It sure would be nice to be able to tell when an article was posted.

  3. Sarah

    / Dec 4th

    Great photos! Love the aerial shots. Here’s a collection from an event last summer –
    Worldwide Photowalk 2010 in Old Montreal

  4. So stunning. No words to describe how precious the pictures are.

  5. Ron

    / Apr 26th

    Thanks for the nice photographs of Montreal. I would love to visit and bring my family there for some nice culture and food. We Michiganders would love to have a big city like Montreal.

    Thank you. 🙂

  6. Pascal Tran

    / Nov 20th

    Here are some recently taken interesting pictures using HDR of Silo no. 5 both during the day and at night.


  7. Greg

    / Dec 29th

    I like Montreal so much! Will be glad to see more pictures!

  8. Marlon Iraheta

    / Feb 15th

    Nice pictures of Montréal city! Come visit my FB page and share my Montréal Street Photography.
    Ps: how to upload some Montréal City photography on “The Montréal Buzz”

    Thank you

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