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The Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile Hotel will soon be serving a low-calorie “De-Light” menu. If you’ve heard of Thalassa Sea & Spa in Europe, the new gastronomy is inspired from their philosophy, that is, balanced nutrition and no added fat, sugar or additives…

If this kind of healthy talk frightens you, let me hold your hand. I’m a hardcore hedonist, too. So if I can do this, and enjoy it, so can you.

Both the Sofitel’s restaurant and lounge, Le Renoir and Le Bar, respectively, will offer these “wellness” options to all, so you don’t have to be a guest at the hotel. What can you look forward to on the menu that arrives at the Sofitel in March? How about the truffle island surrounded by pea purée pictured above? Or a dish with Pollack, artichoke hearts, Dijon mustard and a “lemony avocado puree” – only 129 calories! Followed closely by a panacotta dessert, which uses honey instead of white sugar, and is topped with raspberries and blackberries – 115 calories. Imagine.
While I’m on the subject of “wellness,” I should also point out a choice breakfast option. Brunch is an institution here in Montreal; in fact I think it’s the only meal that lasts all weekend and I’m pretty sure that all those plates of eggs benedict are the reason for my double chin.

Enter Beauty’s, on the corner of Mont-Royal and St-Urbain, where a friend (who is quite slim come to think of it) swears by the egg-white omelettes. You can order it with salsa (mmm, savoury!) and have your taters replaced by tomaters – cut those carbs! I might also suggest, if you’re watching your figure, you pass up on the Beauty’s milkshake (mmm, creamy and yummy!), though a couple of their smoothies are a little closer to the healthy end of things.
Lastly, if you’re downtown and looking for a quick salad, I like Laitue & Go, a posh little take-out eatery in the Place Ville Marie or Complexe Desjardins that has a chic granite bar and contemporary tables and chairs for quick sit-downs. They offer ready-made salads; those that are low fat, omega-rich or high in protein are clearly indicated. Or you can create your own salad (easy on the bacon, cowboy) from all the freshest ingredients your healthy little heart can handle. Bon appétit!



Sofitel Montreal, 1155 Rue Sherbrooke West

Beauty’s, 93 Mont-Royal West

Laitue&Go, 1 Place Ville Marie & 100 Sainte-Catherine Street West

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