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Since our 5 Shots in 5 Bars post went over so well, we decided to initiate another study in the highly scientific series where we visit some of Montreal’s best bars, pubs and clubs and sample their best drinks. Here then is 5 Beers in 5 Bars…

Brutopia: We kicked the night off at Brutopia, a casual bar in downtown Montreal’s pub district. Brutopia is one of Montreal’s most adored brewpubs: everything is brewed on site, but there are also imported and microbrew drafts as well. We nestled into a booth on the second floor of the three level bar and awaited the first beer of the night. The staff was so friendly and the beer was so delicious that I was convinced it wasn’t going to get better than the fruity ale I was drinking. As the night progressed, I started to realize that trying to pick a favourite would be like asking a mother to choose which one of her kids she likes best. So basically I became the mother of beer and all it took was 5 delicious brews.

Cheval Blanc: If you’re looking for an authentic experience, look no further than Cheval Blanc. This is a neighbourhood brewpub that takes its beer very seriously- all beers are brewed on site and it also happens to be the city’s oldest brewpub. The bar spearheaded Montreal’s microbrewery frenzy over twenty years ago and it’s still going strong. The bar has a dark and cozy atmosphere.

Benelux: Benelux is situated away from the downtown mayhem and nestled on a nice corner with a huge terrace. If you’re someone who doesn’t drink beer because you prefer hard alcohol, then this is the place for you. Their specialty is a beer brewed in whiskey containers, so it goes down like a beer but smacks you around a bit like a good whiskey should. I highly recommend it.

Resevoir: The word “hip” might apply to Resevoir, but it’s not so hip that jokes are no longer funny but “droll”. The service is very good even though the bar was packed. For good reason: they have an incredible selection of fresh brews. It’s a two-floor affair with a non-smoking terrace that becomes covered by a canopy of leaves in the summer.

Dieu du Ciel: We arrived at Dieu du Ciel, another microbrewery, around 10pm and the bar was jam-packed. This place starts filling up for 5-a-7s and keeps going until 3am, so get there early to get a table. But I don’t blame the early birds, why would anybody want to leave a place like this? You can enjoy one of their unique blends like a delicious coffee stout or have some delicious pizza or nachos. They also have a full wine selection as well, but really, with beer for anyone’s taste, why would you drink anything else?

Guest Blogger: Sophie Caird



Brutopia, 1219 Crescent, (514) 292 9277

Benelux, 245 Sherbrooke, (514) 543-9750

Cheval Blanc, 809 Ontario East, (514) 522-0211

Resevoir, 9 Duluth East, (514) 849-7779

Dieu du Ciel, 29 Laurier West, (514) 490-9555


  1. alias

    / May 19th

    Where’s the Vices & Versa? More than 30 tap beers from Quebec micro-breweries (in fact, everything in stamped MADE IN QC), a great service, a nice terrace. OK it’s always full, so no-please-don’t-come there’s already enough people that knows about it, but it so deserved a mention here.

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