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Though Montreal has some truly incredible restaurants, it’s no secret that they can be pretty expensive. But, with a little planning and schedule flexibility, you can eat some of best food in Montreal at a price that won’t leave your wallet in shock…. 5 Great Resto Deals in Montreal

Leméac : Laurier is a pretty swanky street, so it makes sense that the restaurants overlooking its sidewalks are not cheap, and, during the day, this elegant French resto is no exception. But after 10pm, you can eat an appetizer and main course for $22 from a menu that includes truffle oil salmon tartare, duck leg confit and a slew of other dishes that you’d be hard pressed to find for that reasonable a price. All you have to worry about is figuring out what to do until 10. 1045 Laurier, (514) 270-0999

Club Chasse Et Pêche : I’ll start by saying that the taster’s menu (or “degustation”) I had here last summer was a dizzying culinary experience. That, thank god, someone else paid for. This spot in Old Montreal has an entrance you might miss and a comfortable, private club feel to it, but the cuisine is absolutely high-end and they have some of the most knowledgeable staff in the city. The mains (this week’s menu includes grilled octopus and spatzel) run anywhere from $14-$25 during lunch, which is a great deal considering that, during the dinner service, they generally start at $30. 423 St-Claude, (514) 861-1112

La Montée de Lait : Though they recently moved from their downtown location to a small but busy spot in the Mile-End neighbourhood, the people from La Montée were good enough to keep their lunch special intact. It’s a Quebecois-influenced French resto that features daily specials, so you’ll have to wander in with an empty stomach and an open mind to find out what’s for lunch. But, given that you can eat an appetizer and main for $20 (half of what you’d pay during dinner service), you really have nothing to lose but a great meal. 5171 Saint-Laurent, (514) 273-8846

Au Cinquième Pêché : Like Chasse et Pêche, I can still clearly remember the last meal I had in this small seafood-specializing bistro on Mont-Royal (and not just because I ate seal from the Îles de la Madeleine). Though it is one of the more affordable places on this list, their lunch special borders on the insane. A 3-course table d’hôte, with coffee or tea, for under $20??? How much was that salad you just bought again? The only catch is that it’s only offered on Fridays, so make sure to call well in advance… 330 Mont Royal, (514) 286-0123

Milos : Montreal’s most well known Greek restaurant is also home to one of the city’s most beloved lunch specials. Milos, which specializes in fresh fish cooked perfectly, is fairly expensive for dinner, but during their “Quick Delicious” lunch, available 12:00-3:00pm every Monday through Friday, you can have an appetizer (like crab cakes, octopus sashimi, spanakopita) and a main course (like organic Scottish salmon, lamb chops, lobster pasta) and a dessert (like the wonderfully named yogurt martini) for $20. 5357 Parc, (514) 272-3522


  1. Daniel

    / Sep 2nd

    Excellent list, Murphy!

  2. Alex

    / Sep 14th

    Great List however Milos has some on and off services. One that i would replace it with would be europea or Toque!

  3. Ronald

    / Nov 1st

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    Have a nice day

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