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To study the tao of burger would take a lifetime and one cannot live on burgers alone, but you also can’t call it living without trying some of these awesomely unique Montreal burgers…

M:BRGR – $100 BRGR: Easily Montreal’s most expensive burger; if you’re going to splurge and fork out $100 on a burger, that burger better wash your car and drive you to work. The sheer extravagance of this burger rivals nothing short of what I imagine Celine Dion’s bedroom to look like.
The burger features two Kobe beef patties, bacon, foie gras, and a honey truffle aioli. The delicateness of its ingredients does not sit behind the heartiness of the burger. The nectarous grilled pear, paired with the fig jam, compliments the richness of the kobe beef and foie. Well thought out, each element is as important as the other. This lavish burger leaves nothing to the imagination in terms of opulent burger toppings – unless you’re imagining topping your burger with a healthy portion of Kate Upton. To describe the burger in one word, “Foodgasm” says owner Jeff Dichter.

Kazu – Shrimp Burger: Remember when you were growing up, you had that friend who was allowed to have soft drinks with dinner? And you wished your parents were that cool? Not to say that Chef Kazuo (the genius behind this shrimp burger) is some avant-garde parental figure, but you’re going to wish that your favorite local burger joint were doing this kind of burger. A toothsome grilled shrimp patty topped with their homemade seasoned mayo sits atop a toasted sesame seed bun, peppered with Japanese chili powder and tempura flakes. Well worth the 45 minute lineup at this cozy Downtown izakaya.

Burger Bar Crescent – The Poutine Burger: This monstrosity is comprised of a AAA-beef patty, caramelized onions, topped with a poutine. The fact that poutine was inside my burger made me fight all urges to call it wrong, however, as I ate it, the more the poutine inside the burger seemed natural. It was like scratching a mosquito bite, you know it’s something you shouldn’t do, but it just feels so good. Not to be overshadowed by the poutine, the burger itself is solid. The patty was a nicely cooked medium, juicy and meaty; the sweet caramelized onions holds up and was evident throughout the burger and poutine itself, all being buttressed by a buttery brioche bun. When asked about the inspiration behind the poutine burger, the head chef Brian said he’d wanted to develop a burger that was “original and iconic”.

Jukebox Burger – The Hulk: Remember that time you were in the mood for a burger, but you also wanted a grilled cheese sandwich as well? The guys at Jukebox burger beat you to your “Oprah Aha! moment” and while doing that, replaced the bun on your burger with two grilled cheeses sandwiches and then gave you a wedgie at the same time. Owner Elan said that they wanted to offer something “completely over the top”. A bit off the beaten path (out in Dollard-des-Ormeaux), this path leads to certified Canadian Black Angus beef. Ground in-house daily, this assures the freshest of bovine to be nestled gently between two lunches fit for a 10 year old. To eat a burger comprised of two other meals within itself might be justification enough to being the only thing you eat all day.

Dic Ann’s – Hamburger: Probably one of Montreal’s most unique burger, the Dic Ann’s burger has been sliding underneath doors since 1954. These impossibly thin burgers are cooked on a flat top – to assure that these thin patties retain all moisture and prevent them from becoming shoe leather… and because, they’re just old school like that, and by “old school” I really mean awesome. Sitting in a pool of their signature secret sauce, the burger is as basic as it gets – which should not be passed off as boring. Stripped to the barebones and honest essence of burgering, the lettuce tomato and onion offering of the single pattie burger is as traditional as it gets.


Jason Lee is the stomach behind local restaurant review blog Shut Up and Eat, pop-culture enthusiast, celebrity gossip junkie, and pusher of all things delicious.



  1. PY

    / Jun 21st

    The ONE burger you need to try is the blue burger at La Boulette. I tried over 50 burgers in Montreal restaurants and this one is the winner. Picture: http://www.chow.com/photos/612450
    Now I’m on the same quest in Toronto, if anybody has suggestions, I’m all ears.

  2. Zeke

    / Jun 23rd


    Actually there are a surprising number of really great burgers in Montreal. Before I’d spend $100 on a burger cooked to 71 degrees at m:brgr or some of the others suggested, I’d go to Patati Patata, Les Belles Soeurs, Ma’am Bolduc, La Paryse, Pataterie Chez Philippe, Brasserie T!, Mr. Steer, Dilallo, Nouveau Palais, La Flammee, Tous les jours, Fino, Sheas, and Paulo et Suzanne. All of whom make superlative burgers in a variety of styles.

  3. donegal hotels

    / Jun 26th

    Looking so yummy..shrimp burger is so delicious.. i Love it..

  4. Chocolatesa

    / Aug 24th

    Are these all under $10? If not you should make a list for the under $10 range too 🙂 Personally I like Picks and Buns.

  5. burger me

    / Jan 19th


  6. Benjamin Williams

    / Jan 28th

    Not exactly the same burgers I included in my top burger list! But those are indeed great choices! The Burger Bar Crescent burger is crazy!

  7. O_o

    / Feb 6th

    i hope no one ever pays for that so called kobe beef burger at any restaurant, because its not the real deal (check it on the news). According to Canadian authorities, they don’t allow to import that kind of meat to this country, which by the way, its only raise in Japan.

  8. David

    / Mar 29th

    Le meIllEur burger est a copoli!!!!

  9. Trudy

    / May 5th

    I cant believe anyond would pay $100 for a fake kobe beef burger! You cant import that beef From japan so thEy Restaurant is using knock off meat. Yum!

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