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Montreal is known for our electrifying nightlife, compelling history, and down right beautiful women. This is why it comes at no surprise when Montreal was ranked number 26 in the AskMen’s Top 29 Cities To Visit 2011 list.We scored high across the board!

Montreal is overflowing with beautiful, and down to earth women. They come in every size, shape, and ethnicity. From the energetic party girls, to the edgy independent type, there’s a type for everyone and anyone here. However, they do all have one thing in common: a certain “je ne sais quoi” that just can’t be found anywhere else. This is why Montreal ranks in the tops cities for men to visit as determined by AskMen’s global editors

The link between an amazing nightlife and stunning women is an obvious one. Aren’t the two interconnected on some fundamental molecular level? They are both active players in the grand synergy of what makes Montreal an world class city to live and visit be it work or play. We aren’t bluffing, here are five places where you can find five different incredible types of women:

[The smart, successful, ambitious type]

This kind of woman is smart, successful and very ambitious. She will strive for great heights and won’t let anything stop her. She plays as hard as she works. In fact, she barely even has time to play. You’ll have to work hard, and run fast to catch this one. Find her at a 5 à 7 (that’s happy hour in Montreal speak) at her favorite bar Philemon, just a few blocks away from her office in the Cité Multimedia. This place is no-nonsense and goes right to the point. Big bar in the middle, Chairs around it. No distracting decorations, no flat screen TV’s, no obnoxious anything. Just people, classic drinks, and unfussy food.

[The fun, party, outgoing type]

This girl is fun, loves to have a good time, and likes you to know it too. Not one for subtlety she is very flirtatious but you’ll probably find her at Club 1234 dancing with her girlfriends before anything else. Club 1234 is the definition of downtown clubbing. People who go here dress to impress, heels and all. So don’t go there looking like a slob and expect to chat up a beautiful goddess. In fact, you might not even get thought the front door. Brush up on your Top 40 music tracks, and try to keep it cool on the dance floor. At Club 1234, with the right attitude, you could rule the night.

[The laid back, funny type]

She’ll tease you, tickle and taunt you. This gal is laid back, and easy going. She can take a joke as well as she can fire one back at you. Witty banter will fly, but don’t take it to heart; those little digs she just made about your small earlobes were all in good fun. Find her chilling at Else’s located up in the Plateau. Else’s is inviting, chill, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s the kind of place you’ll go back again for the second and third date. She probably lives in the area so walk her home along the tiny romantic streets of the Plateau. Leave the mineral coloured credit cards at home, because Else’s and this kinda girl, ain’t impressed by that. Time to take that charming personality out for a spin.

[The edgy, cool, and collected type]

This girl’s got balance. She juggles work, school (getting her Masters in Anthropology), and an active social life. She likes to go out late and make only one stop, knowing she’ll know at least a few people where she’s headed. She likes to keep it local, but with class and grace.  In the late evenings at Baldwin Barmacie is where you can frequently find her. She meets new people and she tries new things, but still likes the comfort of familiarity. She has her favorite cocktail here: Baldwin‘s Citronnade, and the grilled cheese if she’s feeling a tad hungry.  This girl is unique, just like everyone else.

[The cultured, razzle-dazzle type]

This lady is a bit harder to impress. In fact, she probably knows more than all you guys. She likes vintage charm, and cultured activities for the seasoned. Always dressed to the nines, she seeks sophistication with a dash of elegance in everything she does. She’s there right now at the House of Jazz, sipping some champagne, enjoying the sounds and ambiance that the House of Jazz exudes. Enjoy the night together, leaning in close to hear her over the smooth jazz, and eclectic chatter.





Philemon Bar – 111 Saint-Paul Ouest / (514) 289-3777

Club 1234 – 1234 rue de la Montagne / (514) 395-1111

Else’s – 156 Roy E / (514) 286-6689

Baldwin Barmacie – 115 Laurier Ouest / (514) 276-4282

House of Jazz – 2060 rue Aylmer / (514) 842-8656


guest blogger: James A Dunphy

photo credit: Tourisme-Montreal, nightlife.ca, j. alex dunphy, waldman_david, Annick Vaillancourt

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