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The Outremont neighbourhood of Montreal conjures up images of beautiful parks, large, tree-lined streets and dreamy mansions. It is also a great neighbourhood for a culinary outing with friends or family. Here are some of my favourite spots to grab a bite…

Raza: Raza is easily one of my favourite restaurants in town, and probably one of the few fine dining Latino restaurants in North America. Chef Mario Navarrete serves up stunning, contemporary dishes inspired by his Peruvian roots at this chic Laurier street establishment. Raza, 114 Laurier Street West, (514) 227-8712

Van Horne: Van Horne restaurant is tiny, award-winning spot that’s been rightly hailed as one of the best in Montreal. It serves up sophisticated contemporary cuisine, unpretentious yet flawless service and a unique decor. Van Horne Restaurant, 1268 Van Horne Avenue, (514) 508-0828

Cheskie Hamishe Bakery: If you’re looking for the best chocolate babka or rugelach in Montreal, look no further because Cheskie’s has them. And if you are not sure what a babka or rugelach is, then head to this famous Jewish bakery right away and sink your teeth into a warm gooey chocolate-filled pastry that will have you instantly hooked. Cheskie Hamishe Bakery, 359 Bernard West, (514) 271-2253 ©roadfood.com 

Mamie Clafoutis / Le Patoquet: Some of the best croissants in the city belong to these two bakeries that are located on Van Horne Street not far from each other. You will also find classic French desserts and great lunch options at the two spots, along with a few tables to linger at. Don’t miss out on some amazing bread options at Mamie Clafoutis and great French imported candies and cookies at Le Paltoquet. Mamie Clafoutis, 1291 Van Horne Avenue, (514) 750-7245 & Le Paltoquet, 1464 Van Horne Avenue, (514) 271-4229  

©Martina MullerLa Maison du cheddar: Say cheese! This specialized cheese store carries a large choice of Quebec cheeses as well as some other regional products. La maison du cheddar is the perfect place to pick up a snack of fresh, squeaky cheese curds served in a cute paper cone, a gooey aged-cheddar grilled cheese sandwich for lunch or a few cheeses for a night in. La Maison du cheddar, 1311 Van Horne Avenue, (514) 904-0011


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