5 Places to Spot a Hottie

Posted on May 18th, 2009 by .

If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few decades, you might not have heard about Montréal’s reputation for its attractive people. My friends from Toronto always gush about the eye candy that sweetens the streets, shops and bars of this city. All I can do is shrug my shoulders and say, “Sorry folks. We didn’t ask to be this sexy. It just comes naturally.”

But don’t hate us because we’re beautiful. Instead, come take advantage of us… err… it.

Here are five places around the city to see the hottest of homos…

Parc Lafontaine – Perhaps the gayest park in the city, this green space is forever filled with topless sun-seekers and randy rollerbladers. I suggest grabbing a baguette, some cheese and a bottle of wine for a picnic and people-watching session beside the fountain. And no, that’s not basil you’re smelling.

Simons – A massive department store for $2 socks or $200 underwear, they have something for every homo. And speaking of every homo, 94% of all Montréal queers* spend their Sunday afternoons at Simons.

*This is an estimated statistic based on many Sundays of research

Mile End – Also known as hipster-central, Mile End is the harmonious home of a few diverse groups: Hasidic Jews, the city’s Greek community and beautiful, bent artists. Grab a bagel from St. Viateur and head for coffee at Olympico. Watch the vintage-clad queers go struttin’ by.

The Village – Perhaps a bit obvious considering it is filled with gay people (as I’m told we’re disproportionately hotter than the straights). But the Village’s reliability ensures it a spot on this list. Just the other day I was at Pica Pica with some writers from London & New York, and we were all drooling over the smouldering server.

Mec Plus Ultra – This bi-weekly event on St-Laurent Boulevard (aka “The Main”) which attracts a 25-40-year-old crowd, has established itself on the Montréal scene as the “beyond-the-village” event for gay men. Each evening has a different slant, but the reoccurring theme is “H.O.T.”

Think I’m forgetting something? Message me on Facebook and set me straight… errr… right.


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