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An important part of any perfect weekend getaway is dining on great food in cozy bistros. And there is nothing quite divine as sharing the experience with your main squeeze. Whether a fresh new flame or a partner of 50 years, a romantic meal is a helpful pit stop in the ol’ relationship race.

Okay, maybe not the best metaphor I’ve ever written.

Our criteria for a winning romantic restaurant include a couple of variables: uniqueness, ambience and deliciousness. Each of these five restaurants will provide an idealistic backdrop for a lovely evening with your sweetheart.

Bon Appétit!


LE P’TIT PLATEAU 330 Rue Marie-Anne East

“The open kitchen will let you smell all the wonderful aromas of the food. The small wooden tables and chairs are inviting without pretension.”

Imbued in the definition of a “romantic restaurant” is the notion of intimacy. Le P’tit Plateau is so cozy you’ll be tempted to put it in your pocket and smuggle it back home with you. But please don’t. We love this French bistro, where everything is made from scratch and patrons can bring their own wine. Reservations are recommended, if not essential.


PICA PICA 1310 Boulevard De Maisonneuve East

“Not having to choose between style and sophistication plus exceptional cuisine makes a welcome change (we’re still working on getting that silverware out of our grip).”

Romance is all about sharing, and incidentally so are Spanish tapas. Order four or five tapas.  Feel unabashed about feeding buttery shrimp to your lover, and then encouraging him/her to lick your fingertips.  Pica Pica is located in the Gay Village, but straight-folk are not discriminated against.


La PRUNELLE 327 Ave Duluth East

“One feels immediately at home in this lively and friendly restaurant, overseen by Annie the co-owner and her team. The place is a beautiful and charming space, with large windows that open completely in the summer.”

Located in the heart of the Plateau, La Prunelle is one of many charming “Bring Your Own Wine” bistros scattered along Duluth Avenue. However it’s one notch classier than others with a commitment to fine presentation and subtle French charm.


IL CORTILE 1442 Rue Sherbrooke West


“Your left brain knows you’re in Montreal, but the right tells you it’s Tuscany.”

With old-fashioned Italian deliciousness and a half-hidden location, Il Cortile is the perfect gem for amorous glances over a bottle of Sangiovese. And since you’ll be interested in maintaining your stamina for your post-dinner plans, there is nothing like a huge carb-laden bowl of pasta to keep you going strong! Andiamo!



“Occasionally you walk away from a meal and look back on it as an experience, that’s the category where this meal belongs.”

The dimly lit dining room and sexy vibe in this Old Montreal restaurant have been known to (re)ignite the flame between many lovers. And with a little bit of a “dungeon” feel to it, Chasse et Pêche might inspire all sorts of new fun times – wink, wink.  But don’t let the low lighting distract from the fact that the food is arguably the best in Montreal. It is a guaranteed quixotic experience- and if you’ve broken the bank slightly eating there, make sure to check out these sweet deals on dessert and nearby museums!


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