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Whether you are a true vegetarian/vegan or just strive to consume less meat, the following five restaurants will satisfy your appetite in every way…

La lumière du Mile End (vegetarian): La lumière’s colourful and eclectic decor, sunny terrasse and delicious daily specials make this spot a favourite. This cute spot is also best known for its veggie and gluten-free brunches and fair trade coffee. 214 Bernard, (514) 658-4949Aux Vivres (vegan): Aux Vivres is surely the most popular vegan restaurant in Montreal, so popular in fact that it is equally loved by omnivores looking for creative, flavourful, vegetarian fare. Their classic “Dragon Bowl” is one of my favourites and their vegetarian burgers will satisfy just as much as their meaty counterparts. 4631 Saint-Laurent, (514) 842-3479

Su Shian Yuang (vegetarian): If you’re looking for something more exotic and a bit more complex than your usual vegetarian restaurant, Su Shian Yuang is it. Specializing in Taiwanese, MSG-free, vegetarian food, the well-executed cuisine here is guaranteed to take you on a culinary trip. 420 Rachel East, (438) 380-2829

Crudessence (vegan): Smack in the heart of downtown Montreal, Crudessence is an oasis for those seeking some vegan fare. It is the spot par excellence for raw cuisine in Montreal, whether you’re looking for a “living food” lunch or a workshop to learn more about the concept. 2157 Mackay Street, (514) 664-5188 & 105 Rachel West, (514) 510 9299

Chu Chai (vegetarian): Chu Chai is the place to bring those friends of yours who are true carnivores. The imitation meats served here look and taste so much like the real thing that they won’t miss it, especially when all the contemporary Thai cuisine dishes taste so delicious. 4088 rue St Denis, (514) 843 4194

Here are also some omnivore restaurants that are favourites among my vegetarian friends: Olive and Gourmando for their Viva Las Vegas sandwich and other daily vegetarian options, Dépanneur le Pick Up for their veggie “pulled pork” sandwich and Les 400 coups for the inventive high-end vegetarian dishes that chef Marc-André Jetté can create upon request.

Big in Japan, Rumi and Chao Phrya are three other great restaurant choices where omnivores and vegetarians alike will enjoy their meal.

(A big thanks to my two favourite vegetarians, Elise Desaulniers and Vanessa Muri, for their invaluable input on this article.)


  1. Amanda Strong

    / Sep 28th

    I’d also add Bonny’s in Griffintown to that list. It’s been around forever and I’ve never been disappointed in the food. (www. bonnys.ca_

  2. Janie-Kim Béland

    / Sep 28th

    There is also “Sala Rosa” on Milton, which they will also open another spot on Parc. Very very good place

  3. Laura Fraser

    / Sep 28th

    I love this list! It includes some of my favourites and some that I’ve also never tried (and need to ASAP). Thank you!

  4. Julie

    / Oct 1st

    La Panthère Verte (corner of St-Viateur and Clark) is also a delicious veggie place, and a good take out!

  5. Mia

    / Oct 11th

    There is Lola’s on Milton Street too.Casa del Popolo also makes good vegetarian food. Juicy Lotus on Monkland also has take out as well as cooking classes.If you want to learn about Crudessence food, they have an English language Living Foods 7-hour workshop this OCTOBER 27. http://www.crudessence.com/en/academy/living-foods-1
    You’ll learn dehydration, sprouting etc:
    – Green juices and wheat grass
    – Green smoothies
    – Nut milks and chocolate milk
    – Sprouted seed pâtés
    – Macadamia ricotta
    – Tomato sauce
    – Spaghetti
    – Rice-free vegan sushi
    – Fermented cashew cheese
    – Konbucha
    – Three-layer cake

  6. Jeanie jimenez

    / Sep 4th

    Been hearing vegan, that taste same like real meat. Found it Right here! And will try it asap! Thanks!

  7. Josh Grant

    / Sep 18th

    Burritoville and Panthere Verte!

  8. Mary Sel

    / Oct 9th

    You should add vegan rapide. It’s a new vegan delivier. http://www.veganrapide.com/

  9. Melissa

    / Nov 19th

    Another comment for vegan rapide! I have ordered from them so many times and it’s always amazing. I especially love their Gyro 🙂

  10. Jeremie Legault

    / Nov 26th

    Burritoville!! Such flavorful food. there’s nothing quite like it.

  11. RehAna

    / Sep 26th

    AmAzing vegaN and Veg. MEditerrAnEan at LE mouton verT on SheRbrooke!

  12. michel yekta

    / Jan 21st

    Hi, I have just become vegetarian and I would like to know, which SUPERMARKET sales vegi products? Thanks

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