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Gays love Gifs, and Gifs definitely love Gays. Here are 6 Fabulous Gifs that highlight the best of Montreal’s LGBT events, drag queens, and spirit. Note: Let the full page load before scrolling.

She might not have won RuPaul’s Drag Race, but Shangela turned it out during a performance at Fierté Montreal Pride 2012. Check out the incredible full mini-concert..

Queer of the Year 2012 contestant Shane Jenek AKA Courtney Act spins those sultry limbs on the QOTY firetruck for 167,000 people that lined René-Levesque Blvd. during the Fierté Montreal Pride Parade 2012.

Tracy Trash kills it as Marilyn Monroe at Divers/Cité 2012 during the world’s largest drag show Mascara! Look at those Spirit Fingers! The 21st edition of Divers/Cité will be July 30 – August 4, 2013.

A sexy beefcake glitter dancer shakes it during Fierté Montreal Pride Parade 2012. Fierte Montreal Pride 2013 takes place August 12-18, 2013. See you all there!

Vagina puppets a wavin’ at the 1st Official Dyke March to kick off Community Day under the pink balls of the Gay Village.

Nana creeps a peek onstage during the evening show at Cabaret Mado in Montreal’s Gay Village. Try going on a Tuesday night, it’s a packed house with great drink deals!


Well done, Sir. Well done.

Gifs by Alexander Dunphy / Original videos by Guillaume Langlois

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