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Bondage, spanking, leather, latex, BDSM, anime, librarians, chubby-chasing, asphyxiophilia, body piercing, tattooing, cowboys, daddies, biker-dykes, policemen, school girls, Alexander McQueen shoes…

This is a list of common fetishes, while also providing a GREAT way for me to optimize my search engine traffic.

Just joking.

Okay, not really.

No matter what type of fetish gets you lascivious, Montréal has a store for you to get some hot new gear.


Priape – The ultimate destination for gays looking for fetish wear in Montréal. Located in the heart of the gay village, you can find everything from a gay themed Christmas card to a fist-sized dildo. The boys at the counter (and downstairs in the ‘dungeon’) are friendly and nonjudgmental. Ask them about any fetish-related parties and events while you are in town. They also have a comprehensive online store for pre-trip browsing. 1311 St. Catherine East.

FéticheStore – Also in the Gay Village, FéticheStore is an inclusive shopping experience, with a little something for everyone. Ladies can find corsets in leather, silk or PVC. But if you’re a true vixen, perhaps their ‘Wetlook Catsuit’ is more up your alley. Guys can try on buckle-clad tops, or if you’re searching for something with easy access… err, I mean ventilation… why not try a latex kilt? They also feature selection of art and literature for the kinky bookish crowd. 1360 Ontario East.

Kitsch n’ Swell – If mid-century pulp fiction turns your crank, then don’t miss Kitsch n’ Swell on St. Laurent Blvd. Girls are certain to find some seductive pasties to practice tit-alizing burlesque routines. Boys keep your eyes peeled for vintage fedoras, which are essential for enacting all of your ‘Mad Men’ fantasies. They also offer a stellar supply of 1950’s smut magazines. 3968 St. Laurent Boulevard.

Cruella – If Goth is your kinky calling, then you might find yourself at home in Cruella. Equal parts vampire candy shop and latex love lair, this Montréal institution provides fashion for the (un)dead. If you consider yourself a bad-ass, check it out, because as their website states, “Conformists go to heaven… others go to Cruella.” 63 Mount Royal East.

Screaming Eagle – Leather daddies, biker dudes and cowboys will have a heyday at Screaming Eagle, featuring one of the largest selections of leather and fur products in Montréal. If you need a place to strut your new leather duds, check out L’Aigle Noir in the Gay Village. 1424 St. Laurent Boulevard.

Dollarama – If you are a traveler with a penchant for fetish, but need to execute all your fantasies on a budget, then you need kink on the cheap. Dollarama is Montréal’s premiere dollar-store. My friend Ken planted the idea of economically-accessible fetish items – “You can find a number of feather things, awful wigs (but who can tell what they look like when you’re blindfolded?), gloves with interesting textures, small items that can be used as switches… stroll the aisles and use your imagination.” So go blow your entertainment budget on our world-famous strippers! You can still have low-cost Montréal fetish fun! And hey, if saving lots of money really turns you on, check out all these sweet deals! Various locations throughout the city.



  1. fetish gear

    / Nov 10th

    Thanks for this! I last i have found this things.

  2. john c.

    / Feb 5th

    Please take note that E-Clips Leatherworks & Metal is in business since 1998 and is or was supplying a lot of stores in Canada !

    We receive customers only on appointment… BUT we are making everything except boots, furniture, caps & hats, gloves and bags.

    For the rest..we could make almost everything a customer could want !

    …just to let you know !!!


    Thanks to add us to this page:


  3. john c.

    / Feb 5th
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