7 Gay Videos for a Montréal ‘Trip’

Posted on December 23rd, 2009 by .

Since I started as a guest blogger for Tourisme Montréal back in March of 2009, I have made more than 30 videos that help you, the traveler, have an authentic Montréal experience.

Some of these videos were less then successful (ex: There is a little space for everyone). But overall, I’ve received a combined total of more than 40 000 views for my videos alone. Not braggin’ here. But I must have done something right along the way.

Here are my seven favourite videos, and why they have become special to me.


  1. Drag Queen Makeover (Extended version with Mado Interview)From the very beginning I had the idea for a Drag Queen Makeover. I contacted Mado, and after a few weeks of trying to find a date that would work, I finally got my opportunity. I was nervous and excited, but Mado and Miss Butterfly were warmly welcoming.

    I learned an important thing that night – should my gig as a blogger ever fail me, female impersonation could be a viable career option.

  2. Hot Lesbian (Haircut) ActionJJ Levine has been cutting my hair for almost two years now. When I proposed a video to her, she was pretty much open to anything, so I whipped out a wig and unleashed my alter ego, ‘Debbie’ – the sexually frustrated lesbian.

    Deep down JJ really liked it.

  3. Gay Cam does the Gay Village (or Daniel’s Gift to Google)There was a lot of buzz around the city when the google car was roaming les rues for their street-view feature. It seemed only natural that they might encounter difficulties filming in the village, as the street is closed to traffic in the summer. I took matters into my own hands.

    It was at this point in my life that I kissed my dignity goodbye.

  4. Montréal Gay Village 101Apart from my intro clip, this was the first video I made for my Montréal travel blog. The goal was to have a bit of fun. Two of my besties, Pascal and Alex, brought some energy and giggles to the sunny April afternoon.

    My fave part will always be the ‘slow motion starfish.’

  5. Montréal… The Poor Gay’s EuropeThis was another video where friend participation was crucial. One of the reasons I moved to Montréal was because of the European flare. I wanted to highlight this in a quick way that might elicit a smile.

    Hopefully it will inspire you to come to Montréal and find yourself a big baguette.

  6. A Village Culinary TourThe Gay Village is an obvious choice for LGBT travelers. But for anyone with a sense of adventure, gay or straight, it would be a big mistake to visit Montréal and not stop in the village. There are tons of affordable and delicious eating options. I show you were you can get a guaranteed French kiss. What could be sweeter?


  7. Gay Pride in Montréal: A BIG Public Service AnnouncementI had a very specific message to get across: Montréal has two LGBT summer festivals (Divers/Cité and Célébrations). But how do I make rather dry information a bit more fun? I needed to make it interesting.

    So I took off my clothes.

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