7 must-see musical acts at FrancoFolies 2013

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Francofolies de Montréal
You may not know the acts or even understand all of the words, but trust us when we tell you that there’s amazing music to be had at this year’s edition of the French music festival, Les FrancoFolies de Montréal

Immerse yourself in festive, summery Montreal at its best with the free outdoor frenzy of the FrancoFolies de Montréal, June 13-22, 2013. Just like the Montreal Jazz Fest will a bit later in the season, the Francos animate the whole Quartier des Spectacles with music and joy – the only difference is that the acts in this fest are in French. What better way than to experience la belle ville? Among the indoor paying shows this year there are at least seven umissably cool acts – do yourself a favour and check them out.

Marseilles’ Keny Arkana is a newbie at the Francos but an old hat at speaking her mind and dropping sick rhymes made en France. Catch her with Quebec’s own Souldia, from the FaceKché 187 collective, who opens. (June 14, 7 pm, at Club Soda)

There’s no hotter name in the French world than Karim Ouellett, a French Canadian prince of folk, pop, electro and soul. His opener is soulful blues funnyman Féfé – previously from the Saïan Supa Crew – on his first trip to Québec. (June 16, 7 pm, at Club Soda)

As the 1990s ambassadors of French rap, IAM shared the stage with Public Enemy, James Brown and Madonna. They’re back in Montreal with blamd new licks – and some old school hits too. The Québécois duo Taktika has the honour of opening. (June 18, 9 pm, at Metropolis)

Coeur de Pirate is one of Quebec’s sweetest superstars. She’s played huge venues with dozens of accompanying musicians over the last few years, but this show sees her play solo, in a warm, intimate space. Electro popper Fanny Bloom opens. (June 20, 8:30 pm, at Gésu centre de créativité)

He’s got am=n enchanting voice and sings sweetly about dark things. Peter Peter has a sound you’ll remember, situated somehwerre between electro and poetry. French band La Femme will kick the night off with some addictive electro punk. (June 20, 7 pm, at Club Soda)

Her accent is only half the ear candy – Lisa Leblanc, from Acadie, has guts and attitude and a killer smile too. She paints pictures of moments with each song and will have you signing along even if you’re just guessing the words. Switzerland’s answer to Cajun, Mama Rosin, open. (June 20, 9 pm, at Metropolis)

Oxmo Puccino is fierce and sharp and a hell of a lyricist – no wonder the French rapper has taken Quebec by storm. He’s back at the Metropolis, a venue that’s fast becoming his home away from home. The famous Disiz, previously from La Peste, will get the party started. (June 22, 9 pm, at Metropolis)


Les FrancoFolies de Montréal, June 13-22, 2013

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