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Walk along Saint-Paul in Old Montreal or the main commercial artery of Sainte-Catherine and you’ll discover an abundance of souvenir shops filled with plastic Mountie figurines and Maple syrup. Perfect for your grandmother, but not for the modern traveller. Here are eight unique souvenirs to take home from Montreal…

You obviously can’t take a poutine all the way back home – the gravy will curdle and who knows what will happen to those fries. Thankfully there’s the P’tit Poutine bowl from Hugo Didier for making those cheese-gravy memories last. Handmade in Montreal, the bowl fits one small poutine and is available from local artisan shops like: Poterie Manu Reva, Fait Ici, and La Boutique du Jardin.

Montreal perfumer Claude Andre Hebert offers some locally inspired perfumes with international influence. Grab his Eaux Trouble, made with Montreal graffiti artist Zilon, the florally “Rue Sainte-Catherine” or the aromatic “Mont-Royal”.

The gift that will give just once, but the memories made will last a lifetime: Dieu du Ciel Beer. Bring back a bottle of Montreal’s best brew. Dieu du Ciel is located at 29 Laurier West, but bottles are also available all day, everyday at depanneurs (corner stores) across the city.

A sought-after staple of Montreal fashion: The M0851 bag. Designed and produced in the atelier on Saint-Laurent, these leather goods are of fine quality and modern design. The perfect leather bag that will get you the “OMG, where did you get that bag?” where you can casually respond, “Oh this old thing? Montreal.”

Once upon a time in 1979 there was a small paper mill established in Montreal’s South West neighborhood called La Papeterie Saint-Armand. 33 years later, this paper mill is still churning out the finest handmade paper to artisans and fans year round. You can buy this paper in shops around Montreal, but you can go to Saint-Armand, Tuesday-Friday (9-5) and on the first Saturday of every month, and buy the paper directly from the mill! Note: Cash only.

Love the sandwich, now love the songs! Schwartz’s The Musical Soundtrack is the perfect background anthem to play while you scarf down 14 layers of Montreal Smoked Meat between two slices of fresh rye bread, mustard and a big juicy pickle. I hear if you play this while you fall asleep you’ll dream of Jewish delis and Celine Dion’s husband.

After you’ve had one St-Viateur Bagel, you’ll need the bag to haul three dozen across the border. It’s cute, practical, and has a smiling bagel on the front. What’s not to love?

Searching the luxury souvenir market? Grab a Bixi and never return it. The Bixi is by industrial designer Michel Dallaire and built in Saguenay, Quebec. Your credit card will be charged $1000, but that’s a small price to pay for bragging rights and a “bad-assery” badge for life. Plus, it’s a totally solid bike.

Photo credit: St. Armand website, Claude Andre Hebert website, Radio-Canada


  1. MM

    / Jul 21st

    My favourites are the St Viateur bag and Bixi.

  2. Josee Cote

    / Jul 29th

    As a native Montrealer now in New York, this article spoke to me. Claude Andre Hebert is a dear friend and I have this poutine bowl, got it in Noho at a Quebec in NYC art show. Merci 🙂

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