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26 Apr

Your guide to how to “do” C2 Montréal

Commerce and creativity will once again intersect in a tremendous collision of ideas when more than 5,000 business innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives gather to find creative solutions to business problems at the C2 Montréal conference. Taking place over three days, May 24-26, at remarkable...

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18 Apr

Montréal 101 for LGBTQ women

As Montréal celebrates its 375th anniversary, the city is playing its authenticity and diversity cards by capitalizing on the creativity of local artists and businesspeople. And it just so happens that the LGBTQ community is front and centre in all this activity, offering up...

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13 Apr

Things to do in Montréal: April 14 to 20

Montréal celebrates the return of spring with Easter brunches, Cirque du Soleil’s newest show, musical swings and butterflies, NHL playoffs and pro soccer, martial arts merged with dance, and...

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12 Apr

Your Montréal Digital Spring Survival Guide

When it comes to creative high-tech, Montréal ranks among the top cities in the world, often  called the digital arts capital of  North America. Montréal Digital Spring celebrates innovations in high-tech art, video games, visual effects and virtual reality. The annual citywide event promises...

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11 Apr

Montréal book nooks you need to know

Reading a book is an excellent remedy for so many things. Escaping the daily grind. Healing the heart. Feeding the imagination. Lucky for bibliophiles, Montréal has a goldmine of...

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10 Apr

Expo 67: forever in fashion

Since before it opened its doors and throughout the following 50 years, Expo 67’s effect on Montréal cannot be understated. As the city’s de facto débutante ball entrance onto the world stage, Montréal pre and post Expo 67 are two different cities. And giving...

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05 Apr

Great literary reads set in Montréal

There’s nothing like spending some quality time in Montréal’s unique neighbourhoods, parks and cafés to really get a feel for the city, its culture and its people – go...

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