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23 Jan

8 quiet spots to sip cocktails in Montréal

Whether for an intimate tête-à-tête or catching up with old friends, finding a bar with decent decibels and a winsome wine list is essential. You’re in luck because Montréal is full of hushed hideaways, hotel bars, cozy taverns and tons of other cool places...

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Romantique restaurant
20 Jan

Romance is in the air in Montréal

Montréal is made for lovers – it’s got a little touch of Europe, fine dining galore, entertainment options for DAYS and tons of hidden gems that will feel like...

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11 Jan

An introduction to Montréal’s most popular neighbourhoods

Every neighbourhood in Montréal exhibits a unique character of its own, encompassed in its historical sights, restaurants, hotels and art galleries, nightlife, parks and people. From west to east, we’ll introduce you to the neighbourhoods that form the core of urban Montréal, before circling...

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patinoire villahe hiver parc olympique
05 Jan

Things to do in Montréal: January 6 to 12

Montréal officially kicks off celebrations for its 375th! The city marks its momentous anniversary this week – and all year – with seasonal activities and events, including a winter action sports festival, a giant ice slide and winter villages, an outdoor electronic music fest,...

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