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17 Feb

Your Montréal Nuit blanche survival guide, 2017

How do you distill year-long celebrations of Montréal’s 375th anniversary, Canada’s 150th birthday and the 50th anniversary of the Expo 67 World Fair into one wild party? Nuit blanche, that’s how. The arts, culture and performance all-nighter will take on a “1967” theme this...

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14 Feb

Our favourite romantic #MTLmoments

Love is in the air in Montréal! To mark the occasion, we selected a few romantic #MTLmoments to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day. Vive l’amour! Wedding...

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10 Feb

Your MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE survival guide

Winter festivals don’t get much more fun than MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE – with Montréal’s 375th anniversary added to the mix this year, the arts and culture festival outdoes even itself. Get ready for downtown Montréal to become a blizzard of entertainment and activities, from...

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07 Feb

Candy shops for spoiling your inner child in Montréal

The best thing about candy and cookie shops is that everyone leaves happy—and the ones in Montréal will have you squealing with delight! Here are ten magical places to lay your hands on your favourite sweets and sink your teeth into new discoveries. Adepte...

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01 Feb

Everyone’s cup of tea: the tea houses of Montréal

While the influence of the coffee-centric Parisian café looms large over Montréal, some of the city’s finest sipping spots are its teahouses. Coffee might get you up and out of bed, but a cup of tea is for chatting and relaxing, or reading and...

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30 Jan

Montréal: celebrating 375 winters!

Montréal is a city of snow—and festivals! These two defining aspects of Québec’s biggest metropolis will once again be reunited this winter, a season that has become increasingly lively...

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