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17 May

Travel back in time at Encounters in New France

Une publication partagée par Pointe-à-Callière (@pointeacalliere) le 28 Août 2016 à 7h37 PDT Experience Montréal in the 1600s Montréal’s public markets have always attracted crowds. But what were they like, centuries ago? The New France Market—known officialy as the marché de la Nouvelle-France—takes us...

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12 May

Happy birthday, Montréal!

Expect La Belle Ville to be breathless this May 17. Partly because of the 375 candles the city has to put out for its birthday, and partly because of...

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08 May

The Giants by Royal de Luxe

Soon, onlookers will get an eyeful as the Deep Sea Diver, the Little Girl-Giant and Xolo pound (quite literally) the pavement in Montréal. The Giants parade, presented by the French street theatre company Royal de Luxe, is a flagship event of the city’s 375th...

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04 May

Queer Montréal Stretches City-Wide

Montréal’s Gay Village is one of the world’s oldest and biggest, long a beloved hub for North America’s vibrant queer life. But Queer MTL reaches throughout the city, forever...

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03 May

Festival day-tripping around Montréal!

Whether you’re into yoga, jazz, classical or electronic music, hot-air ballooning or the country scene, Montréal’s surroundings are teeming with festivals to satisfy your cultural and spiritual cravings. Time to sharpen your pencils and start planning some day trips for a taste of Québec’s...

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25 Apr

Montréal history awes in Montréal Avudo

A dazzling new multimedia show transforms the St. Lawrence River this summer in Montréal’s Old Port. Created in celebration of the city’s 375th anniversary, Montréal Avudo turns walls of water and 11 storeys of shipping containers into windows to the past. Through innovative projected...

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